Your Ex

This is something that truly gets to me, observing some relationships that are no longer relationships. I know it’s really easy to say certain things and have a plan on how to do it if it doesn’t concern you. It’s always different when you are stuck in the situation and even if you try your best to make it as easy on everyone as possible and to still talk about your ex in a respectful, maybe even loving manner, your ex might not do the same thing.

While you will have your reasons to truly dislike and maybe even disrespect your ex, you should never expect your kids to feel the same way. All you do is putting even more pressure on them and unsettle them even more than what has already happened. When love moves out it is usually not a nice thing and often hard to understand for outsiders as I tried to describe in this Blast From The Past a little while ago… I think it’s clear that someone loses here and for sure it’s the children. But I still wonder though, if your kids cannot also gain from a broken relationships too

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Blast From The Past – What About Happily Ever After?

Hand heart shape silhouette made against the sun & sky of a sunr

A recent conversation with a friend of mine made me think about relationships and love again. It made me realize how lucky I am to have what I have. My relationship with my husband seems so normal to me. It seems so normal to have someone in my life that I love being around, someone that makes me feel good even when we have an argue. It seems so normal to have someone to talk to. Having a relationship that actually works seems so normal to me that I sometimes forget that not everyone is as lucky.

Even if you meet someone who seems perfectly find, things can change over time. Suddenly the person you once loved and enjoyed being around becomes different. Or maybe you change. Here’s a Blast From The Past about this very subject.

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Your Stories – Sometimes Things Just Don’t Work! By Element

I recently had a little conversation with Sharon from Element about my ‘Couples’ feature and if it would be alright to write a story about a not so successful relationship as well. As much as I love to read happy endings I think it’s part of this life and why not showcase the other side as well and also how a not so happy ending is handled.

I think, Sharon’s text is just beautiful. It shows that no matter what you go through you can find a way out of it and you can actually gain from it, become stronger. I decided to not only put this post up as a guest post but purposely link it to ‘Couples’. Life is not always bright and pink and easy. But there’s always something good we can take out of a situation if we are willing to see it.

While reading I couldn’t stop thinking of the Phoenix raising from the ashes and when I found this image where it is combined with the figure of a woman, I knew that I’d found the matching image for this post.

Thank you again, Sharon, for sharing this with me here! I have heaps of respect for you.

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Can You Gain?

I grew up in an intact family. With a dad that loved us and a mom that was always there for us. For me this was always the perfect picture of the ideal family. Unfortunately this picture is often not that perfect. Too many marriages end in a divorce and a lot of the kids are then used as a tool to hurt the other one.

It’s something I really can’t understand.

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Your Stories – Love Yourself And Never Give Up! By JoAnne Silvia

Another inspiring and beautiful love story by one of the amazing bloggers and writers I encounter every day in this WordPress world. Thank you so much, JoAnne, for sharing your story. For all of you interested, JoAnne also wrote a book about her story and you will be able to find more information about it on her blog.

If you have a beautiful love story which you would like to share, please don’t hesitate and email it to me!

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