Blast From The Past – Keeping A Promise

While I watched my daughter the other day playing, I loved to see how innocent she still is. It’s something that I admire. There seems to be no real worries, no real fears. I’m glad that she feels that way. Glad that we can make her feel so safe. Without wanting to try to go crazy I also realize how big the chances are that things can change drastically. Without fault of any of us. Of course that’s the moment my smile sort of goes away and my thoughts take a slight other turn. Suddenly all those numbers pop in my mind, the promises I made to her to keep her safe, the realization that other parents most likely have made the same promises but were unable to keep them.

This is a Blast From The Past about keeping a promise.

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A Strange Day

It’s a strange day today. It’s Friday and in a way you expect everyone to be happy and looking forward to the weekend. Instead though, there is this heavy feeling lingering above us all.

Not just about the fact that the Trump presidency is now as real as it can get. 

As important as the Trump “incident” is this post is not about him but an incident that occurred so much closer to home. 

And it made me think. Think about how a violent person will always be violent, especially when under influence of whichever substance. A person who beats his wife will not stop. If you raise your hand against a woman you use violence against anyone. So you don’t care. Especially or even more when under influence. You don’t care when you use your car as weapon to kill people. You don’t care if you hit innocent, happy people. Couples, elderly, men, women, kids or even babies in a pram. All you care about is you and your stupid anger. 

A family violence order was taken out on him last week. That’s what he probably cared about. Because it made him angry. He stabbed his brother this morning for whichever reason, kidnapped the woman who was in charge of the violence order and beat up her father. Then he drove to the city where she escaped. And again it’s probably what he cared about. The list of his sick control. 

A control he thought he had but never actually had. Because if you are in control then you can control your anger. If you are in control you don’t need drugs. If you are in control you don’t need violence. 

Today many people got hurt. Some lost their lives, people lost their loved ones. Parents lost their baby. And for what? Just because a sick individual throws a violent tantrum.

Blast From The Past – Schocking Numbers

Interesting how reports can get to you. How they can sink in and not let go of you. I wrote about my worries in regards to being able to protect my daughter, my kids. Then I wrote about the report I watched about the woman who has to allow her abusive ex to see their child. Again I’ve seen and I’ve heard numbers that are so hard to grasp. And it’s not letting me go. I think it’s good to remind ourselves of those shocking numbers every now and then. Just to stay alert. To make sure we do our best to protect ourselves but also and most importantly our children. Here are some numbers I dug up a little while ago and think might be good to be shared again.

Don’t be paranoid but don’t be careless either…

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For The Children

I feel slightly sick to my stomach right now. Not because I ate something but because I watched a report on TV about children. Children and there rights. Or better the lack of them. Here is the thing: In Australia children have what you call the right to grow up with both parents. And I think it’s a good thing in a normal divorce case. In the case that was just discussed though, things are slightly different.

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Keeping A Promise

Last night my daughter had a nightmare. She came to our room, pretty upset and as I usually do in situations like this, I let her crawl under my blanket and hug me. As you do, I cuddled with her and held her, kissing her and telling her that Momma is here. That Momma will always be there and will always protect her. After a deep breath she fell asleep but for me that was it. I couldn’t fall asleep anymore. I wondered what if I could not keep that promise?

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Finish It! #32 – It Ends Here

They gathered what they could quickly grab, not much, not even all of the essentials something like this would need. She gently lifted the baby out of the cot while he gently woke their older son. They had to leave. Now. And they didn’t know when, if at all, they would be able to return. One last look back before they locked the door for good was all they could do for now.

They had been in this situation countless times ever since they’ve got together. Although years back, he remembered the time as if it was yesterday. He was a teacher in a picturesque little country town, she was the wife of one of the most influential businessmen in the area. Their paths crossed on a regular base standing in line in their favorite coffee shop, waiting for their coffee to be made. From the very beginning he was attracted to her. She was a beautiful, smart woman. And there was that little something. That feeling that is hard to describe but makes you feel so at ease when you around someone. He could sense it when she entered the coffee shop, he knew it was her without turning around and it already put a smile on his face before he even laid eyes on her.

It took them a while until they started a conversation. First it was about the weather, the local news and eventually about their jobs. While they were just chatting in line in the first couple of weeks after they’ve met, they chose to actually sit down and finish their coffees together one day. From then on their daily take-away coffee turned into a little get together that both of them enjoyed thoroughly.

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