The Infinity Dreams Award


What a beautiful surprise to have been nominated for the Infinity Dreams Award. Thank you so much, Amanda, for nominating me! You should really head over and check out her blog When Coffee Meets Rain on which she writes on many different aspects of life. I find her so very bubbly and I would call her blog a happy place. So please pay her a visit!

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I Saw A Shooting Star

I saw a shooting star the other night. A big shooting star. As clear as I’ve never seen one before. It was one of those wow moments. One of those moments you really don’t know what to say. It was so beautiful. So mesmerizing and so quickly over. We were sitting there with friends and all I could say was that I just saw a shooting star.

Of course everyone told me to make a wish.

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Out Of Reach

An ex one that got away? A place I wanted to visit? A person, an experience I wanted to see, to have? How much would you change about your life to have it within reach again?

When I read this prompt I first thought “Common!” But it’s not letting me go. The prompt keeps creeping back to me over and over again. I keep asking myself if there’s something in my life that I feel is out of reach. Something or someone that I want to have back in my life and what, if at all, I would change to get it back.

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My Worst Nightmare

My worst nightmare is about losing my children. As a dream but also as a fear and I guess that is why I had that nightmare one night. There are dreams that don’t do much to me. Sweet dreams and also nightmares. I wake up and I can shake it off. I realize the instant I open my eyes that it was a dream. Maybe even before that. The subconsciousness already knows.

And then there are the other dreams. The dreams that really get to you. They can be sweet as well and sometimes they are so sweet that you would like to stick around a bit longer but that bloody alarm clock is just going off and off and off. And even if you know that you can stay in bed for that little bit longer, you will never get back to where you were in your dream again. Never reach that sweet spot anymore.

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Which One To Choose?

All I can see at the moment are those three doors. Three doors, that are in front of me and I know I have to choose one of them but I just don’t know which one. How would I possibly know which one? All of them are colorful, all of them look inviting. All I do know is that I have to choose and I have to keep going.

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