Heading South?

Interesting what very different meanings the word “South” can have. Meaning in the sense of how it can make us feel depending on how it is used. For one there is the “let’s head South” thing. Most probably for all of us related to go on a vacation. For me it most definitely was when I was living in Switzerland.

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The Quote Challenge II – Day Two

Personally I think that Ellen DeGeneres is an amazing person. Inspiring, fun and entertaining.

Nothing much to add to this quote. It says it all.

Thank you so much, Jsack’s Mom’s Blog, for nominating me for this fun challenge. The rules are simple. Just post on of your favorite quotes on 3 three consecutive days and pass the challenge on to three bloggers of your choice each day.

Here are the bloggers I chose today:

Far Beyond The Stars

I hope I’ll be back to normal and writing again soon. Seems like your cold/flu bugs from last winter have arrived in Down Under… 😉