Love Me, Hurt Me


I was nominated for the Quote Challenge by Betcha Didn’t Know! It’s a really fun blog to visit and find out really cool things you most likely didn’t know just yet. Or maybe you did but you will have fun anyway, I promise!


  • Do quotes for 3 days
  • Display 3 quotes a day on your blog (I will do one a day)
  • Nominate 3 bloggers per day
  • Notify each of nomination
  • Have fun!

My nominees are:

Grubbs N’ Critters


The Right Education

After having had another conversation about the many “issues” of homeschooling I decided to let my mind cool off browsing Facebook for a moment. I needed that little distraction because I felt fired up. Fired up for hearing the same uneducated remarks over and over again. Fired up because yet again it came from someone who doesn’t know my children well enough to even think about judging. Fired up because I truly believe in “what works for you works for you but doesn’t have to work for me too”.

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