G’day mates! Thought a little lesson in Strayan wouldn’t be such a bad idea…

Now, it’s soon time for ripper brekky, maybe with some avo (hey, they left that one out…)

Would You Like To Share Your Story? – I Can English

It is probably because my first language is not English that I find myself very often in situations, where I just use words in a way they should not be used and that creates some strange moments and some laughter.

I thought, why not making a reoccurring event out of my stories and hopefully you will join in on them. I know for some of you the first language is another one than English or you live in another country and the different language might lead to funny situations…

How about you join me and write a post about something you experienced, link it back to this page and tag it with “I Can English”

Check out the stories so far here.

Thank you so much for you participation 😉