Blast From The Past – Bumble

I recently read that the bumble be is now officially threatened from extinction. And it made me sad. Sad because we manage to kill off another species, sad because I love watching bumble bees fly and sad because of what the bumble bee stands for for me: A massive inspiration and motivation. I remember the day my friend who is in a wheelchair since an accident skiing mentioned that quote about the bumble bee not being able to fly but how it doesn’t care or know and goes on flying anyway. It’s this thought that keeps me going so very often. Let’s make sure the bumble bee is not going extinct. I hope you don’t mind me sharing a post about bumble bees from back then as a Blast From The Past…

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As a dog owner this made me giggle. Having read an article about the rubbish patch in the pacific ocean now being three times as big as France made me realise the weight of this little message. People leave so much dirt behind!

I often wonder why. Why would you go to a park or the beach, a place you enjoy and just leave your rubbish there? How hard is it to take back home what you brought anyway or simply bin it in the nearby rubbish bins?

I understand that rubbish gets blown around as well and it’s not just about the bits and pieces left behind. I understand they we create a massive amount of unnecessary rubbish. Especially plastic. We can all do our bit and simply refuse buying it. We can refuse using it (ie plastic straws). Bring your own cup instead of taking a take away cup. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel but go back to the basics like buying vegetables and fruits that are not wrapped up in plastic. And simply go one step at a time. Imagine if everyone would do so…


You know what sort of ticks me off? When people talk about how severe the environmental issues are and claim that sadly they can’t do anything. I know we as individuals can’t make governments come up with stricter rules or ban stuff that clearly is toxic for the environment and us. But we can do our thing. Little by little. One step at a time. It’s easy to shove responsibility to the government. The responsibility is yours. If you want change you can have it. You can change some simple things and you will have an impact. Not only on the environment but also on what governments will do in the future.

We can sign petitions like #banthebag or simply refuse using plastic bags and alternatively use a bag made of fabric. And then reuse it. One simple step with a massive impact!

Did you know that plastic bags are used on average for 12 minutes? But they have a life expectancy of up to 1’000 years!

Don’t be lazy. Don’t forget to bring a bag. Look at what an impact that single change in your life can have. And it won’t even hurt you!

Make The Planet Great Again!

Macron said it just perfectly fine. There is no Plan B because there is no planet B. Trump did it again. He mocks everything and everyone and simply only cares for himself. He acts like the famous elephant in the porcelain store, destroying everything on or in his way. Now he doesn’t even care about what we leave behind for our children. The ignorance is just mind blowing. He positions himself and unfortunately the USA in the same corner as Nicaragua and Syria. Coincident? Who knows. Interesting is that China and India seem to have the better understanding about the importance of looking after our planet that Trump seems to have.

Once again I wonder how people can still stand behind him. How people can still think he cares for them, that he is a true leader. He is not. A leader cares for his or her people. A leader cares for the future…

Loved the reactions of world leaders that truly belong in a leader position…


Earth Overshoot Day

It’s done. We have reached it. As of today, we humans have used as much from nature in 2016 as our planet can renew in a whole year. Nothing will seem to change for many of us between today and tomorrow, but collectively we are draining Earth’s capacity to provide. Overshoot Day is a red light warning of trouble ahead — and it is flashing five days earlier than it did last year (Aug. 13); eleven days earlier than the year before (Aug.19).

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