Just finished a gentle yoga flow and this popped up. How true!

I have to admit that I often work out to burn calories. To find the balance between eating and burning it off. While doing this I forget what my body is actually doing, is capable of doing. This is a great reminder to look at it in a different way…

My Body


Isn’t it crazy how much influence the opinion of others has in regards to the way we see our body, the way we feel in our skin?

If you have followed me for a while you know that I post about my healthy eating and workout plans on occasion. I had made big plans for the end of this year but my body and my mind did not play along the way I had thought they would. I’m still on it and I will not drop my goals or let the fact that I have not reached my ideal weight discourage me. As with many things I’ll simply keep moving forward.

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Let’s Tackle It

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The meme actually says it all. It is a great feeling. But it’s also a frustrating feeling when you are on the other side of it. I know both.

Those of you who follow me for a while know how much exercise means to me. I need my daily sweat. Yep, totally. As with so many things in life there are ups and downs and obstacles that get in your way when it comes to your plans in regards to a healthy lifestyle. I’ve touched on that subject a couple of times, which you can see here.

Danny, over at Dream Big, Dream Often, has mentioned it before: Healthy eating and exercise are key factors in a happy healthy life. So he put it out there: Join in if you are ready to change your approach to eating and exercising and if you want to finally get yourself to a healthier self. I signed up. And I tell you why.

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On The Bottom Of The Mountain

It’s been twelve weeks. Twelve long weeks since I’ve worked out the last time. Twelve weeks of shaking off the flu and then waiting for the inflammation in my rips to finally get better as well. And yesterday I finally worked out again. For the first time in three months. I knew it would be hard as your body unfortunately loses strength and endurance pretty quickly. I wish you could gain it all back as fast as you lose it. Continue reading

Don’t Judge Too Quickly…

I’m not 100% sure for how long I’m doing Yoga now. I guess I’m probably in my third year. For years and years Yoga for me was similar to playing golf… I thought only old people do it (Sorry! And don’t worry, I changed my mind in both cases…I’m much smarter now…). And then my kids started doing Yoga. They loved it from the very beginning and my son would only skip his Yoga class for very important things. So I thought I have to try it too…

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Sweating It

Done! I am done! I am so glad this workout is done. I am in my second month of a 3 month workout plan and it starts getting easier but also harder day by day. I can feel how much my body already progressed since I’ve started the program and how much it has bounced back after being sick for a couple of days.

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