Officially Sore

I feel sore today. And it is my fault. I did not stretch well enough yesterday, was in a bit of a hurry after the workout. I am pretty happy with my workout week again as I stuck to the plan. I am just trying to figure out now how I can incorporate the running again into the training, as I want to be able to run 10km until April latest. But with the current workout schedule it seems a bit tricky.

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The Truth

And here it is: The truth. I am a Taurus! You did not see this coming, right? But there is more, just wait…

As a Taurus I love the good things in life. Good food, good company, good wine, good times. Picture a Taurus. What a massive creature. And therefor I am sometimes a bit lazy and “heavy to move”. I can be so stubborn, which can be a bad thing but also a good thing.

A good thing because I can stick to things. Stuff that I really want to achieve. I will do it. But I need to have my mind set to it. I will pull through it, the way an ox pulls a heavy object and I might as well run you over if you are in my way. I don’t want to, I do not mean to but it just might happen.

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