Virtual World


It’s been a beautiful morning today. One of the mornings you can’t help but enjoying your early walk with the doggies and maybe add another little bit to the usual round. It was one of the mornings you can’t help but looking up, watching the birds fly by (Cockatoos make such noise!) and enjoy the sunny morning.

And then I passed the train station.

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Open Minded

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Throw the word open minded at me and I will start talking. Or writing in this case. Funny enough I just got called out by a friend of mine following a FB comment I made about traveling to India.

It was a comment following the news that India’s tourism minister has warned female tourists to not wear skirts “for their own safety” while visiting India. My reaction to it was short: Why would you want to travel to India, supporting an attitude like that?

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My Little Motto

A little while ago I did one of those Facebook quizzes. You know, the ones that are sort of… Well… Don’t take it seriously and just have fun way of quizzes. 

The result I got though was prett awesome:

“Happy are they who don’t fear to see the sun go down, but instead look forward to watching the stars come out.”

It’s true, you know. It is my motto. Why hang on to something that is disappearing while what happens at the same time might offer you a different kind of nice? 

Just because something doesn’t happen the way we want it to be, doesn’t mean we can not gain anyway. 

Blast From The Past – Oversharing

There are certain things on social media that make me shake my head. It’s when too much information is given. Not that sort of information like what they had for breakfast… more down the line that that the entire family is leaving for a couple of days (yes, the house is empty now), how annoying it is that the lock on one of the doors is not working (yes, the door can not be locked) or which school the kids go to (just head over there and pick them up)…

I might be extreme. But it just does stuff to me. It makes me shiver! I was not always like this. I admit I might have turned into an over-sharer too if not for my husband. I just saw one of those posts again on Facebook. A post of a friend of mine who already had people trying to get through the doggy door while her husband was away for work. And now the Facebook world knows again, that she will be on her own for a couple of days. Honestly, it’s kind of like sending an invitation out. But as I said: I’m probably totally extreme…

This following Blast From The Past might give you a little bit more insight in my thinking. In the end it’s up to everyone how much they want to share. But please consider others and don’t just share things about them if they don’t do… That goes for pictures of them or of their kids, information about their daily schedule and when they are not at home. Keep the stuff you post on social about you if you really want to put it all out.

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Blast From The Past – Imagine Cinderella And Then Judge Again…

Here it is: I’m on Facebook quite a bit but I actually don’t really like it that much. Why? Because of all the hate spread there. It’s not a happy place. I sometimes read through comments, especially on posts about motherhood or sometimes about celebrities. And what you get to read there is really bad. I wonder how people can actually sink that low (or maybe be so bored) to share their mean thoughts. One of the reasons I started liking Incogo so much (yep, you can follow my “journeys” there too).


It seems like you can never do anything right. Everything gets harshly criticized, actually in some cases brutally destroyed. Your thoughts, your feelings don’t count. Here’s a post I wrote a year ago, the re-share triggered by a couple comments I just read about a celebrity. Comments that made me think about the fact, that for some nobody is allowed to be left in peace and that for some nothing is good enough and nothing can be done right. You know why? Because those people are so unhappy with themselves that they just have to leave it out on others.

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Diaries And Privacy


Pretty much nails it. I often wonder why people would post certain things as they seem very private to me. 

But then it’s all about getting attention, isn’t it? No matter what you put out there, you’d like to get some feedback and if you don’t get any it makes you feel… well, let’s say not that special, as you maybe see how much feedback someone else gets. It’s a weird world, the cyberspace. And it’s very interesting how we deal with it. I wonder if there won’t be a day when people turn around and start living in the real world again…

Your Stories – Out For A Drink! By Trina

I love a good love story. Not only in books and movies but in real life. When we meet couples we might only get to know who they are now and how they are together. Maybe we will never hear their story. The story how they found each other. So here is another amazing love story from one of my readers. Thank you so much, Trina from Itsgoodtobecrazysometimes, for sharing your story with me.

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Momma’s Out There

Yes, I am! Totally!

I’m currently refreshing my skills by taking part in blogging101 again and it has been fun so far. Yesterday was all about blogging events which I find pretty cool. Today it’s about branding. This word has always slightly scared me as I thought branding would be too much for my blog.

I do understand that my blog is kind of like a brand. But then it doesn’t feel like it to me. Anyway. Reading through the pointers I had to admit that my blog ticks a couple of those boxes and it happened just like that.

I just figured before I let you know where I am at, I tell you a little bit more about a little (blog) event I’m currently running. In a way it’s not really a blog event, as it’s not really happening on my blog. But it’s related to my blog. So everyone can sign up if you are interested:

Do you crave some extra inspiration and motivation in your life at the moment? Sign up for “Momma’s 21 Days Of Inspiration” to receive a daily email with an inspiring thought starting August 17th.

To sign up simply send an email to with the subject line “Momma’s 21 Days Of Inspiration”.

Yep, it has started last Monday but you can still sign up. And you will get all 21 of my messages still.

So back to the branding and being out there: Did you know that you can find me on Facebook as well? Scroll down and find the direct link to it in my sidebar. Or to make it simple just head over here: and I’m on Twitter too!

No Pics On Social Media! The Day I Understood Why

My husband doesn’t really like Facebook. Nor does he like any other social network. He thinks too much information get shared which makes it too easy for scumbags to take advantage of you. And I agree with him. What I struggled agreeing with him for a long time was his “no posting pictures policy”.

I admit, he got me to the point where I started asking other parents if it’s okay to take pictures of a team event with my children in, of my kids playing with them on a playground. They usually looked at me and didn’t understand why someone would ask at all. I always promised them not to share the pictures with their children in online. Which they thought was weird too, in most cases.

After all everyone does it, right? Everyone shares pictures on social networks. And why should you hide your life, your stunning pictures of your beautiful kids and your awesome new haircut or makeup? Our kids are totally awesome too and putting up a picture of them in the bath or on the beach or playing together was tempting. Especially as we are an expat family with friends and family overseas. So what would be easier than sharing those moments online, for everyone to see? Set the privacy settings on the most private setting and only allow the people you really want to see it to do so.

Easy? Maybe. But not with a husband, who knows way too much about cyber crime, bullying and how the yucky people work (oh those lawyers…). So after discussion after discussion after discussion I finally realized that he will never be happy about posting pictures online. He had very convincing arguments. Still, sometimes it irked me. Until that day…

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