Tell Me Something Good #106

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It definitely can! So don’t get stuck in negative thoughts. Get yourself to see the good things that are waiting for you or that you just enjoyed. And then keep that smile on your face and the good vibe in your heart and tackle the week. Let’s do it! Let’s kick off this week on a positive note!

It’s easy:

• Mention something that you consider being good in the comments

• Or write a post about it on your blog (please don’t forget the pingback if you do so I don’t miss out and also share the link to it in the comments below). Something good that happened to you recently, or something good you will experience in a little while, or something good you know will happen soon. Something that makes you feel good.

• Share this post and invite your followers as well.

You know it by now! We are not moving any further without a little happy dance (I might run out of gifs for happy dances soon…). So shake those hips and whatever else you need to shake and dance…

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I know you have another round in you, so don’t give up just yet. Dance until you smile…

And once you’re done here is what I’d like to share with you today:

“I thought I so often mention what made me happy that I should share what I’m looking forward to this week. So here we go: I’m really looking forward on seeing a dear friend of ours again end of the week. I also have a couple of catch ups and meetings planned for this week with people I really like so it doesn’t really matter what the outcome will be business-wise. And I want to go for a long walk along the beach again too, ideally together with the kids if they both are up for it. If not I will just go with the dogs and enjoy some me time.

The weather has been wonderful the last couple of days. nice and warm fall days and it seems to continue like this. So outside time is what I definitely will incorporate in my schedule. It simply feels so good to feel the warm sun on your back when walking along the ocean or hiking. You all know that fall is my favorite season and I really take it all in at the moment. My kids give me that kind of look when I explain to them once again how nice the air smells and start describing the smell of the leaves on the ground. Not sure if they get it just yet but I think one day they will do the same. Because all seasons smell different and it’s so nice to breathe it in and experience it…”

#atozchallenge – A for April

April used to be a special month when I grew up. It used to be the month school holidays were in and with that (in my mind) spring officially started.

It was also the month in which normally the yucky moody part of spring was almost over but at the same time the month that could bring you a what I call t-shirt day followed by a day with heavy snowfall. There was a saying in Swiss that April does as it pleases and sometimes I think Melbourne is just like April in Switzerland, but all year around.

Now April makes me still happy. Not just because my birthday is in April but because it’s officially fall. And fall is my favourite season. It’s the season of calm, of closure. The season energy gets drawn insight and a circle is about to close. It’s the crisp air, the different shade of blue sky, the more gentle rays of the sun. It’s the colourful leafs and in Melbourne the greener grass.

While I love the long summer nights, I also enjoy the shorter days in fall. There is something about it. Something about the darkness at 6pm. It almost feels like you’re encouraged to slow down. Something we all need from time to time…

The Season Changes


Some people might say that it’s obvious, some might not even realize it but the season has changed. Of course some of you might think, March 1st has brought the change officially. But it;s so much more than that. It’s what happens outside.

The days are getting shorter here. Slowly. Although the days are still nice and warm or even hot, there is a change. It cools down. The nights are beautifully fresh and the ocean is getting slightly cooler (not that it’s very warm anyway…).

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Fall – How It Is Now

It’s a chilly morning. A chilly 8C here, where I live. If I wouldn’t know better I would now claim that there was actually a bit of morning frost in some places in the shade this morning. But I guess 8C is not cold enough for that just yet and I doubt that the temperature actually dropped below this mark last night.

Fall has arrived in Down Under, while spring is slowly gaining the upper hand in Up Over. It still brings a smile to my face. Everything is the other way around…

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Fall – How It Used To Be


It’s a beautiful day in early fall. Autumn has it’s own unique energy, which I believe is similar everywhere. It’s the struggle of summer that still wants to be in charge but has to make room for winter soon. It’s like a little struggle between the warm and the cold season. And in the middle of it is fall. A season of its own, trying to make a mark too. And it does. At least for me. It’s my absolute favorite season of the year. Always has been. And I think it’s my favorite season just because of this “struggle”. Because you kind of get a taste of both, warmth and chill. Although fall used is different now than it used to be, the basic characteristics are still there.

It’s late afternoon and I’m soaking in the last little bit of sunshine for the day. The air is slightly chilly yet the sun still nice and warm. I close my eyes and immediately feel taken back to those beautiful autumn days in Switzerland.

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The Scent Of Fall

It’s the scent of fall. The scent of slightly damp soil, the rotting leaves, combined with the slightly chilly air that takes me back in time. Down here in Australia it’s almost winter. The treas lost most of their leaves (at least the ones that lose them) and there are still plenty of piles of leaves lying around. The weather got wetter and so did the soil. It’s no longer dry.

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