Bloody Body Shaming

All my life I’ve been not only been blessed by looking okay and being healthy but also by not being around cruel, mean and manipulative people. Bullying in school for me only meant to be teased for the color of my hair. Never was I hurt to the extend where I couldn’t cope anymore.

Of course it was all a bit easier back then, as social media and the slaughtering on it was not a tool just yet. But kids could hurt. Words could scar. It just kind of disappeared in a way whereas now it is floating somewhere in the open space of the world wide web and will forever be around to maybe hit you again one day.

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There are stories out there that just make me feel bad. I read them over and over again and can’t believe what people are capable of doing. There are things I can simply not understand. Bullying is one of them. And it starts with the so called little things. A little push here, a little slap there, some tripping and maybe some little teasing. But the little things add up. And often it doesn’t stop there. The lack of empathy some kids and also some so called grown-ups show is simply incredible. Just like in this case.

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