Blast From The Past – My Dad And The Ant Hill

While Father’s Day has passed I still wanted to bring up this little tribute to dad’s everywhere as a Blast Of The Past. While it’s a tribute to every father, it’s one especially for my dad. It would have been my dad’s 97th birthday this month and of course it’s one of the times I think of him the most. All those little special moments come to mind and it’s beautiful to relive them by telling the stories to my children. Stories just like the one about the ant hill…

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About Being Lucky In Life

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It’s already been a week since we celebrated Father’s Day here in Australia. I was tossing some ideas for a post about my father around over the last couple of days but it never really came together. So I decided to skip writing about my Dad and Father’s Day.  Until today. Until I had a little comment exchange with Danny on one of his Question Of The Day posts and read one of his other amazing posts (aren’t they all amazing…) in the aftermath about being fortunate in life.

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Happy Father’s Day

It’s Father’s Day today in Down Under. A day that is celebrated by most of us but also labeled as commercial by others. Commercial yes. Just like Mother’s Day and Valentine’s Day. Those that critizise the celebration claim that it’s not necessary to have a special day and that it should be celebrated on a daily base. In a way I agree. But after thinking about it a lot I came to the following conclusion:

We do need a special day for those special people. Because if we celebrate them every day it will no longer be special.

So here’s to a wonderful man and amazing father: My husband.

I love you! You are the best partner, friend and especially father someone could wish for. Thank you for being always there for us, for loving us, supporting us, listening to us, watching over us, hugging and kissing us and giving us your time.

Happy Father’s Day to all the dad’s in Down Under (oh, you know what: Happy Father’s Day to all you dads out there).

A couple of weeks ago I was invited to write a post for The Champa Tree in time for Father’s Day in the US. No better occasion than today to share it with you again as a blast from the past…

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My Dad And The Ant Hill

The following post was featured on The Champa Tree this week to celebrate father’s all over the world for Father’s Day. Usually I would simply reblog it but this post is too close to my heart and so I decided to simply link to Vaishali’s wonderful blog and properly post it here.

It was one of those amazing colorful fall days. The air was crisp but the sun nice and warm. We’ve been out there on one of our usually hikes with a picnic in the middle of it as a highlight.

On our hike we’ve already picked some mushrooms and berries and discovered numerous little fairy huts. My brother and my mom were slightly behind us, probably still chasing the troll my brother had spotted. Oh those trolls… They were everywhere. Hiding behind trees, under bridges or behind boulders.

My dad and I had spotted an ant hill and observed the dynamic on and around it.

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