Jaws Or Bruce

I remember watching Jaws when I was a teenager. We had a guy from Australia staying with us at that time and when I shook my head and made a remark about how fake that shark is and that a shark would never get that big he just smiled at me and explained to me that you would see them often in Australia… 

I decided then and there that I would never swim in Australia… Well… Things change you know. Doesn’t mean that I constantly think of “Bruce” with his white belly when I step into the water…

Blast From The Past – Just Keep Swimming

As I’ve used this post previously as a blast from the past I decided to reblog it today. As I mention below it’s one of my most favorite post I’ve written. And it’s a message that is very close to my heart.

When I reach those moments of fatigue, of not knowing how and if the sentence “just keep swimming” with Ellen DeGeneres voice pops up in my head. Every single time! This message told by the little fish Dory in Finding Nemo is one of the most important ones in life.

Although I later found out that the blogger who actually inspired me to write this post made everything up, I know that there are people like this out there, struggling in the way he described in his post.

To all of you who are struggling: Just keep swimming!

A Momma's View

This is probably my favorite posts I’ve written so far. It is one of my very first ones and I might be able to write it slightly better now than I did back then. Still, the message in it is very close to my heart.

I got inspired by a blogger I’ve found back then but I’ve not seen anything from him ever since. I hope that he made it and that his life got easier ever since…

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