Weather Mood

It’s too hot, too cold. It rains too much, it does not rain enough. It’s too foggy, the suns too bright. For some reason people always find a  reason to complain about the weather. Something we can’t change and hopefully will never be able to influence either.

It’s not just the complaining. It’s also how the weather can get to people. I always considered myself a sunshine child. Not because I grew up in a tropical part of the world. Nope. Switzerland is far from being tropical, believe me. And still the sun is shining quite a bit over there. At least if you live in the mountains and don’t have to deal with the fog for most of the winter.

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One Word Photo Challenge – Foggy

Oh how much I’ve waited for this one to finally come up. From the moment I saw that the photo challenge will be about seasons and weather I knew which picture I wanted to post under “foggy”.

I love foggy days. I think they are quiet and peaceful in a way. It gets so so quiet when everything is under a thick blanket of fog, don’t you think? Back in Switzerland I didn’t like fog that much, probably because where I lived while studying it was foggy for most of the winter months. And that gets to you, especially if you know that further up in the mountains it’s a stunning day. Now I really love foggy days. Probably because we don’t get them that often and it gives me a reason to reflect on things. I don’t know why but I usually do, when it’s grey outside.


Inspired by Jennifer Nichole Wells’ One Word Photo Challenge – Foggy