What I Want vs What I Do…

All I can say: Thank God it’s winter here! At least I don’t have to worry about a bikini body right now but have basically 4-5 months to get my habits back on track again… not that it’s really about the bikini.

It’s more about feeling comfortable in my skin again and frankly, I don’t right now. So time to get back on track 😉

Finish Your Food!

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As kids and as parents we know the scenario all too well. There is a plate of food standing there with either something on it that kids don’t like or maybe it’s just too much for a child to handle. Many parents have the approach of “finish what’s on your plate”. I remember many stories my mother told us children about her having to stay at the table for hours because she couldn’t finish her food. Thankfully she did not incorporate this into her style of parenting.

I still see parents telling their children to finish their plate although it’s pretty obvious that they simply can’t fit anything in their tummies anymore. And I honestly struggle with this kind of approach.

I struggle for multiple reasons.

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I was sitting in the train on my way to one of my very early morning shifts. I can’t eat breakfast so very early so I usually have my cup of tea and then take along either a muesli bar or something else I can nibble on while on my way. On that specific morning I had a bag of almonds with me.

At this time of the morning there are usually not many people on the train. Not that this is of any relevance but it makes me watch who gets on and off and who is actually traveling with me. And maybe because of that I suddenly thought of nut allergies.

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Stipper Name Highlights

When I posted the Stipper Name post I was expecting it to be fun but some of your Stripper Names just seriously made me laugh out loud! I figured I could share my Top 6 with you in a post, so here we go. Feel free to add yours if you like in the comments today. It’s never too late to make someone laugh, right?

My Top 6 Stripper names were:

Commando Burger (The Anxiety Chronicles)
Blue Muffin (All In A Dad’s Work)
Black Bacon (Sonofabeach96)
Blue Doughnut (Random Writings On The Bathroom Wall)
Striped Hot Garlic Shrimp (Just Plain Ol’Vic)
No Beef (For Friends Without Borders)

Check out the other comments here, it’s sure worth it 😉

Share Your World 2016: Week 29

People are interesting creatures, don’t you think? There are many ways to discover more about the people that surround you or who you interact with on a regular base. One of them is people watching. I believe you can learn a lot about people by simply watching them. Then it’s also about listening to them. Listen to how they speak with others, with you. And you can find out a lot by asking questions and from how they answer them. So let’s see what Cee has in story today with her questions for the Share Your World Challenge.

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Cheese Made With Cheese

How far have we come… or better gone! Now you have to actually label cheese with “made with natural cheese”. When will this madness stop? When will we realize what we are doing to ourselves?

When I saw the above I couldn’t help but think of a Louis de Funès movie. I’m not sure if this name rings a bell for most of you but he was one of the big French actors back in the days. The movie that comes to my mind is called L’Aile Ou La Cuisse (A Wing Or A Thigh) about a food critic on his quest to promote good food. In the process he and his son stumble across a food company that produces fake food (out of tires and other garbage). He gets caught and then forced to eat all the fake rubbish food and then develops an allergy which also leads to him loosing his palette. Fantastic movie (forward to 2:00 so you can see at least a little bit of the production of the fake food…)

While for some time I have actually wondered why we are facing more and more food intolerance and allergies I realize now, that it is all due to what is put in our food. Seems like the maker of this movie had some kind of idea of what we will face in the future when they come up with the plot. Sadly, it seems we are actually heading down that track…


Sunset Gold

One of my most favorite views during dinner: A stunning sunset close to the ocean… Almost makes you forget about the food in front of you, right?

We hardly ever go out. We enjoy cooking too much. But when we go out we have our one or two spots where we first of all know that we get good food for a reasonable price but also enjoy the place itself. This picture was taken in one of those restaurants.

What about you? Do you eat out often? What are the most important factors for you to go back to a place or never set foot in there ever again?


Inspired by the Daily Post Photo Challenge – Dinnertime