Rainbow Colors

Every time I log into my WordPress account the beautiful colors of the rainbow greet me. And it has a very interesting effect on me.

On one side I feel happy. Because, hey, you know, a rainbow is something really pretty and usually makes you feel happy. But then it also stands for homosexuality. And all the discussion that comes along with it. And that’s where the heavy feeling sets in.

Now you probably wonder why I would feel that way and let me set one thing straight: Some of my best friends are homosexuals and I believe that your sexual preference has nothing to do with your character or who you are as a person.

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Women And Driving…

Yup, my hubby too… I then claim that all the bumps and scratches on our car did not happen to me. He then, rightfully, says that he drives much more than I do… 

But: If you look at statistics men actually have more traffic incidents than women (and let’s just ignore once again that they spend more time on the road, okay?…) 

More interesting statistics about driving here