Teach Girls Bravery

Love to watch all kind of TED talks. So many fantastic people out there with a fantastic message and, boy, would I love to be one of them talking on that stage… Who knows, maybe one day.

Here are my five cents: I think we really have to teach our girls bravery and not perfection. We live in such a Barbie society, where tough girls kind of disappear in the shadows of so called perfect girls. Perfection, though, lies in the eye of the beholder, right? And yet, when it comes to girls perfection often has to do with looks. Perfection often gets mistaken by applying to certain rules. Those rules are often old fashioned ideas of what a woman is supposed to do. Girls are not meant to play in the dirt, wrestle and be loud (oh, okay… but not in that sense). They have to be clean, wear their pretty dresses, act like a princess and so on.

Yes, we girls are princesses. We like our dresses and high heels, lipsticks and beautiful hair. But we are also brave. We are tough and strong. And we are smart. And it’s time that we get credit for all of this too. It has to start with us parents. We need to guide our girls in the right direction, allowing them to be strong, to be tough and to be brave.

Avital Florence Amelia

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SHE-LOGY: Inspirational Women As Role Models For My Girl.

Thank you, Sandra of amommasview, for saying yes to guest post for She-logy.

For years now I am working on putting together a list of inspirational women for my daughter. I find that today girls get sucked into admiring all those pop star girls, who frankly don’t do anything than trying to sing and wear tight and short close and heaps of make up. They all get marketed the same way: Sexy. That’s my take on it! So what do they teach our girls? What do our girls get out of it? The stupid idea that you have to starve yourself, put color on your face and dress… hmmm… questionably from a mom’s point of view.

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Mean girls cyberbully adults on social media

I think in many cases the issue might be that some just don’t realize how much they hurt a real person. But then I guess there are others, who just get a kick out of hunting and hurting people. How sad, really.


mean girls

Just saw some more mean girl menopausal women gang up and attack another woman on her wall. What is it with Facebook that makes grown women act like they are seventeen year olds still in high school? Are they living out their teen fantasies by doing this stuff? Some of the language is so foul and some of the things that are said could never be repeated in any decent society. Call me naive but I just don’t get what they get out of it. You would think by the time you are an adult you would know better.

Often times these same cyberbullies are the ones that would run and hide in real life. The keyboard makes them brave. They say whatever pops into their heads accusing others of all kinds of vile deeds. Why in the world if you think someone is doing something illegal you wouldn’t go…

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It’s Hard Work To Be Barbie

While I was preparing dinner last night, my daughter and I had one of our deep conversations about toys and life and things that just matter for her at the moment.

Suddenly, out of the blue, she looked at me and said: “Mom, it is actually pretty hard work to be Barbie, you know.”

I looked at her and asked her what she meant.

And then she explained it to me.

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