Share Your World – April 17th, 2017


Every week Cee poses some interesting questions for us to answer. I not only find it a great way to learn some more about bloggers out there but also find that it reveals a lot about ourselves while trying to answer them. Maybe it’s just because I try to actually make a lot out of every question and not give you the quickest and easiest answer. So I thought I change it around a little bit today and give you the quick answer first and then go into details afterwards.

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Not Doing Any Harm? Think Again!


So there it is: Temperatures are going crazy all over the planet, for most of this year already. Winter in Europe was close to non-existing, fall over here too warm. Climate change not happening? I know that there are some of you who do believe that it’s all blabla. I don’t. I believe that we are heading into big changes that will have a massive impact on us. Maybe not on you and me and hopefully not on our children but further down the line. Storms are getting more and more extreme, heatwaves, the fires that come along with it and extreme colds killing people almost every year. Reefs are dying and species after species are getting extinct. Is this really the world we want to leave behind?

Spare a moment to figure out if you’d like creatures like the beautiful turtle above to be around for the grandchildren of our grandchildren to be seen swimming in our oceans. Turtles, crocodiles, sharks and whales have been around for millions of years and yet, we manage to bring them to the brink of extinction… Let’s spare the future generation from missing out on so many beautiful things we still enjoy.

“It is not too late to save the reef. But it will take courage and leadership to make the kinds of decisions necessary to do it. The alternative will mean we’ll be explaining to our grandchildren that we had the chance to save this natural wonder – but we were too selfish to take it.” – Tim Flannery on the dying of the Great Barrier Reef (see link to article above)



Great Barrier Reef – Did You Know…

… That The Great Barrier Reef is the planet’s largest living structure?

Great Barrier Reef

And unfortunately it is affected big time by global warming. I wonder if it will slowly disappear or if it will be able to adjust, change unfortunately and continue living in another way…

I had the pleasure of going out to the reef twice in my life. Something that otherwise would probably be on top of my bucket list. First time was approximately 15 years ago and we went all the way out to the edge of the continental shelf / drop (oh I don’t remember what it is called… just watch ‘Nemo’ and you will find out…).

I remember that the colors were so much more intense than last year when we went out there again. It is still beautiful but it is not the same anymore.

Now I wonder if I wrote this before of if I just had a really intense déjà-vu…

Anyway: If you ever get the chance to go out and snorkel the Great Barrier Reef, you should do it. It is stunning!

What Could Happen To You When Traveling To Far North Queensland

This is just a little story. A story we made up yesterday, while in the car on our way back home. So no worries, no animal and also no person got harmed in the process…

Imagine you travel to Australia. This crazy country all the way around the world, far away from everything else. You have some ideas about what to expect in Down Under. Spiders, snakes, crocodiles, sharks and maybe heat. One of the places you are planing to visit is all the way up in the north: Far North Queensland. You will head up there to see the tropical side of Australia and of course to head out to the Great Barrier Reef.

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