Blast From The Past – 4cm Are Not Much

Friends! I had this crazy moment  two days ago and I remembered the posts I wrote about my son being only 4cm shorter than me and then another one that I’d like to share today as a Blast Of The Past when I wrote about the fact that he got taller than me only a short time after I mentioned the 4cm difference. And now I find myself at the same point again with my baby, with my daughter! We recently measured her and there they were, the 4cm difference between her height and mine. What a moment that was!

See, when my son got that tall I had a wow moment because he is our first born and it’s mind-blowing how fast they grow up. But now it’s my baby. Our second one. Our last one in that sense. The baby you expect to hang around just that little bit longer. I realized that that little bit longer will be a thing of the past soon too.

They have to grow up and they have to spread their wings. They have to head out there and make their own experiences. They need to find their way in life and grow up further. But man… I feel like time is flying pass me way too fast. The kids grow up way too fast. It has nothing to do with their height. While they are still kids they are speeding towards adulthood so fast and I wish I could slow it all down for them. But hey… we’ve all been there and we all ended up here. It’s just normal. So I hope they will appreciate their childhood and what is left of it and make sure they get the most out of it before they are officially adults as well.

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Me Too

There were a lot of “Me Too” posts going around on Facebook recently and the ones of you who know what it’s all about might agree with me how surprising it was to see the many, many me too’s. For the few of you who might have missed it and have no clue what it is about: It’s about basically putting your hand up if you have ever been sexually assaulted in any way. I had a “me too” to put up as well. I admit my assault is most likely one to simply brush off and yet it crossed a line big time. It was “only” verbally but I still feel sick when thinking about it. I can only imagine how it must feel when you are “properly” assaulted.

In the entire series of “me too” posts I’ve seen one stood out for me. It was the post of one of my newly found friends who shared her thoughts about the responsibility we have as mothers to make sure our sons will not turn into the reason why a woman would say “me too”. She wrote about the responsibility we have to make sure our boys understand where the line is and also that it’s their responsibility as well to protect girls and stand up for them if necessary.

So the responsibility is in our hands. Not only to teach our daughters to stand up for and how to protect themselves but also to teach our sons to be respectful and protective of the girls in their lives. It’s about needing and wanting to the the right thing. Always. So I’d like to express some thoughts I have put out there a couple of months ago about what keeps me on my toes as a parent. But also about all the things influencing our kids and constantly leaving marks. Marks that often need to be addressed but also as often might not even been discovered for way too long.

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Blast From The Past – About Growing Up And Letting Go

Ever day I look at my children and see how much they have changed. I embrace the cuddles, the kisses, the coming over in the night because they had a nightmare. I know that I need to embrace those moments as the kids grow up and soon they will not need me in the same way anymore. Totally fine, totally normal. And yet a lesson that I have to learn and get adjusted to. I’d like to share this post about my thoughts I had about the same thing a couple of months ago once again as a Blast Of The Past.

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Blast From The Past – Moral Compass And The Next Generation

Sometimes I can’t help myself getting annoyed about the approach some of the young instructors my children deal with in regards to their activities have. Just today I looked at my husband and asked him if he thinks we were as lack when we were so young. I know that we made mistakes and looked at things a little bit differently than now. But canceling activities last minute over and over again or simply forget about it? I don’t think so.

I’m not sure what it is. If it’s the upbringing, the making sure that people understand what responsibility actually is or simply the way many young people approach life nowadays. Please don’t get me wrong. I know there are good examples and bad examples out there. It’s always been like that, it’s still like that and it will always be like that. But can it be that certain things simply slip through cracks now because of the general attitude that is out there?

It made me think of a post I wrote a couple of months back and I’d like to share again today. I would love to hear your take on it when you are done reading…

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Just Like Waves…


My heart is warm. Actually it’s flowing over with love right now, as I watch my daughter sitting in the water, playing with the wet sand, enjoying this beautiful day on the beach. I watch her from a bit further away. Watch how she drops the wet sand on her arm, watching as it drops down into the water while leaving a little trace on her skin.

This beautiful innocence. The content she has with herself and the moment. This living in the moment. It gets to me. It makes me happy, it makes me sentimental.

I watch her look up, smile at me, wave and hear her say “I love you mommy.” I love you too, my baby.

She is no longer a baby though.

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Pick Me Up

Image result for image picking up child

As mothers we are so used to pick up our children. We carry them in our arms from the very beginning, watch them how they fall asleep in our arms, while we rock them gently. And they grow. They grow so fast. Suddenly they crawl or walk, stumble, get back up and continue on their journey of discovery.

Still though, they need us. They want us to pick them up, reaching out their arms in our direction, letting us know that enough is enough and that now they want to be held or carried by us. And we do. Once more we do our very own “gym session”, our parenting Olympics. We squad down and lift them up, hopefully engaging all necessary muscles… In any case, we lift them up. I bet thousands of times.

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Growing Up Too Fast

look up2

I wrote the following post for The Champa Tree over a year ago. The reason why I share it again today here is this post about not wishing for another season as they pass way to fast. It’s an ongoing thing, I guess, that once you are a parent you embrace the different phases of your kids but so often you wish they would pass by faster. When they are gone though, they are gone forever. Like a season in your life. All those moments that seem so hard, so exhausting, yet so sweet are over in a blink of an eye to never return. The children grow and change and before we realize it, they are grown ups. All we’re left with are the memories of our babies, toddlers, children, teenagers.

Embrace the different seasons your children are in.

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I Don’t Care

We all know by now what a fantastic job Jason is doing on so many levels. Not only is his blog a great read and his blogging tips more than great. He also supports us other bloggers on a regular base with either Meet & Greets, Reblogs or like in my case letting us write guest posts for him. Very happy to have had the chance to write a post again for OM (and feeling a bit bad about the mistakes I discovered in it…). I hope you like the message…