On The Bottom Of The Mountain

It’s been twelve weeks. Twelve long weeks since I’ve worked out the last time. Twelve weeks of shaking off the flu and then waiting for the inflammation in my rips to finally get better as well. And yesterday I finally worked out again. For the first time in three months. I knew it would be hard as your body unfortunately loses strength and endurance pretty quickly. I wish you could gain it all back as fast as you lose it. Continue reading

The Simple Things

Hey there, it’s me! I’m actually typing… Sounds weird, doesn’t it? Why would I be surprised to be sitting here and typing. Oh let me tell you something: There’s a whole lot of new appreciation for the little things, for the normal things in me right now.

The last couple of days weren’t all that funny. I got really sick really quickly last weekend and still don’t feel even close to normal now. It basically wiped me off my feet. Sunday, Monday and Tuesday are kind of a foggy memory of what might or might have not happened but since yesterday my mind is clear again and there were many thoughts building while just resting. Thoughts about all those simple things. The things we take for granted every day because we can do them.

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The Thing With Healthy Eating

FoodThe thing with healthy eating is, that it sometimes seems confusing. There are so many ‘diet’s’ out there… or not, let’s not call them ‘diet’s’, let’s call it ‘nutrition advice’, that you kind of feel overwhelmed navigating through them all if trying to find the best solution for you. I’m not on the lookout. I’m pretty okay with what I eat and cook. I’m just interested. And I find it really confusing.

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I Could Be Better

Oh for sure, I totally could. But hey, it is my vacation too, you know. So my healthy eating got slightly less healthy and the workout routine is not what it’s supposed to be.

That doesn’t mean that I stopped. Oh no! I agree, I eat more than I should and I do drink more than what I would at home right now. But I managed this time to stick to my workout routine. Well almost. I admit I didn’t do the two HIIT wirkouts a day twice a week last week. But I worked out every day. So that’s pretty good (don’t dare telling me it’s not..;-) )

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