Blast From The Past – Faking It

The Holidays are here. It’s a busy time. And a time of reflection. Maybe more than ever I wonder who real people truly are, especially now. How much is just a mask, just an act. Let’s face it. This time of the year is supposed to be the happy time. We are supposed to be cheerful and motivated. But the reality is often a different one…

For so many this time of the year is hard. They struggle. They are exhausted from life, from their struggles and most likely also from trying to act as if nothing is wrong. Maybe they even try to reach out, try to make you understand that they don’t feel their best. But it is lost. Lost in the business of this time.

I sure hope all of you are fine. I hope that you are happy at this time and that you can enjoy the holidays. That your reflections will be good ones, the kind of thoughts that will make you grow. I hope you will spend the next couple of days with people you love, people who love you and understand you. I hope that you will reach out to people close to you if you ever struggle but also be there for people when they do and see, hear or feel the little signs.

Most of all I hope you don’t have to fake it. And I’d like to share some thoughts about faking it in the form of a Blast From The Past now. But before I do:

Happy Holidays to all of you 🙂

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