Share Your World – October 23rd, 2017


Week after week Cee comes up with thought provoking questions for her Share Your World Challenge. Sometimes I wonder if there will be anymore questions unanswered but obviously there are. If you have not checked out her Q&A yet, I highly recommend it. And now, let’s get the questions answered 😉

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Cee’s Which Way Challenge – March 17th, 2017

If you have visited Hong Kong you probably know about the escalators and the fact that they only work in one direction on certain times of the day. For some hours of the day they only take people downhill, while then later in the day they will only take you up.

In a way it resonates with what life is all about. We encounter moments where everything seems to go downhill only, while in others the only way is up. If we are not aware of the specific times the direction changes we will be taken by surprise. While we can chose by what time we hit the escalators in Hong Kong and therefor are prepared for the direction they will take us, we do not have this luxury in life.

This doesn’t mean though, that we have to let it all drag us down. There is always another way too. Just like with the escalators. Although the ride on them would be the much more comfortable one, we can also just take the stairs, although it means we have to work harder. But it will take us in the direction we want to go and we are no longer just a passive passenger…


This challenge is all about capturing the roads, walks, trails, rails, steps, etc. we move from one place to another on.  You can walk on them, climb them, drive them, ride on them, as long as the specific way is visible.  Any angle of a bridge is acceptable as are any signs.

Inspired by Cee’s Which Way Challenge



It’s funny when you look at a picture and feel as if it was you who took it. It happened to me looking at the one posted today when looking at the one in the Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge. So I figured I might as well share some pictures I’ve taken a couple of years ago some take form more or less the same spot and from the opposite side.

Hong Kong is an amazing city. Huge, fascinating, beautiful.



Nothing beats heading up to the top of a high building overseeing the city. It’s something I love doing. It gives you such an oversight and it just always looks amazing. The city presents itself in a different angle, has a different face. Suddenly you see the dimensions which are not to be grasp really when down there, somewhere in between the high-rises.

But it’s something different that I enjoy: The peace when up there. Everything seems quiet, even if you are surrounded by other people. It’s far away and so tiny. The noise of the city doesn’t follow you, it stays down there, waiting for you to return and become part of its pulse…


26 Weeks Letter Challenge: L Like Lantern

This week it’s the letter “L” in  Let There Be Peace On Earth’s pretty cool photo challenge 26 Weeks Letter Challenge. Have you heard of the challenge yet?

The rules are pretty simple:

  • Create your own interpretation and title it: “26 Weeks Letter Challenge:”
  • Tag your post to the weekly challenge so others can see it and play along.
  • Get you post in before the following weeks challenge.
  • Use as many pictures as you like representing the weekly letter.
  • Use archived or new pictures. Let us see what you have…
  • Have fun with it…

This time around I immediately knew which pictures to post. The first one is called a Lampion and is one of the typical decorations for Swiss National Day besides the Swiss flag and the flag of the canton you life in (or all the cantons of Switzerland) and the second picture is taken in Hong Kong.


One Word Photo Challenge – Foggy

Oh how much I’ve waited for this one to finally come up. From the moment I saw that the photo challenge will be about seasons and weather I knew which picture I wanted to post under “foggy”.

I love foggy days. I think they are quiet and peaceful in a way. It gets so so quiet when everything is under a thick blanket of fog, don’t you think? Back in Switzerland I didn’t like fog that much, probably because where I lived while studying it was foggy for most of the winter months. And that gets to you, especially if you know that further up in the mountains it’s a stunning day. Now I really love foggy days. Probably because we don’t get them that often and it gives me a reason to reflect on things. I don’t know why but I usually do, when it’s grey outside.


Inspired by Jennifer Nichole Wells’ One Word Photo Challenge – Foggy


It is so easy to connect with people nowadays. There are plenty of opportunities. Email, mobile phone, social network, you name it. Still I feel people are no longer really connected or not as connected as they used to be years ago, when a phone call was still a proper phone call, not text messages and a letter was the one thing you’ve waited the most for. Maybe because it got so easy to stay connected we don’t connect on a deep level any longer…

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