Hugh’s Weekly Photo Challenge: Week 30 – After

There’s no better reward after a hike than enjoying a beautiful view… I love to hike, love to walk out in nature and look around. There’s always something to discover. Even if you don’t hike up to higher grounds there will always be something nice to see. But when you can sit down after hiking up a mountain and overlook whatever is around you, you will feel the energy coming back to you immediately. Combine it with a nice little snack and you might even be the happiest person ever 🙂

Thanks to Hugh for coming up with fantastic challenges for his photo challenge. If you have not checked it out yet, you should head over to his blog right away.

Want to join the fun? Here’s what you need to do.

1. Take or choose a photo that you’ve taken which interprets After.
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3. Add the photo(s) you have taken to the post and tell us a little about what you are showing.
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Hugh’s Weekly Photo Challenge: Week 23 – Season

The season is changing at the moment. Or maybe better: The seasons are changing. Being a Swiss living in Australia that means that I’m enjoying beautiful fall weather here while hearing from my friends about the spring they’re enjoying (or at the moment are waiting for…). It also means that I’m no longer a spring but a fall child. That my babies are no summer but winter babies and that this meant I could only use half of the baby cloths from child one with child two and not because there is a boy and a girl but simply because the summer stuff was too cold when it was still big enough and didn’t fit anymore when the temperatures finally went up…

In this weeks challenge, Hugh’s asking for pictures in regards to “season” and I decided to try to capture the four seasons I enjoy in Down Under (sometimes in one day, here where we live…)

Hugh’s Weekly Photo Challenge: Week 21 – Fresh

I love the sight of fresh snow. Of course only because I can look at it from a tourist point of view now. I know that my friends back in Switzerland most probably did not enjoy the fresh dust of white they only just got last night apparently. But I’m thinking of the beautiful in fresh snow covered mountain tops of the Australian ski fields while I’m getting ready to go on a walk along the beach in 27C warm weather…

Forces Of Nature4

Inspired by Hugh’s Weekly Photo Challenge – Fresh

Hugh’s Weekly Photo Challenge: Week 18 – Sweet

Hugh is challenging us again. This time he asks for something sweet. Perfect for a little Easter challenge, don’t you think?

Here’s the story to this picture: Those little Minor treats are what we call Schoggi Stengeli in Switzerland. They are chocolate bars, but really good chocolate bars. You don’t find anything like it anywhere else. So I brought some with me when returning from Switzerland. Probably somewhere around a kilo or so. Now this is all that is left… They are so super yum and a fantastic little sweet treat. But unfortunately they will soon be gone…

I will enjoy as long as it lasts…

Happy Easter you all!

Hugh’s Weekly Photo Challenge: Week 17 – Calm

I do love photo challenges. Not only can you connect with bloggers on another level but also find a way to express yourself differently. I did miss out on a couple of Hugh’s Weekly Photo Challenges but happy to have found back with this one today.

The following picture was taken on our trip back from Switzerland. Not only was the view spectacular with a calm feel to it but I also felt calm from deep inside. A great feeling in any case but given the turmoil of the last couple of weeks it means even more to me. The calm, peace I feel means a lot to me as it is a sign for me that everything is and will be just fine.


Also inspired but the Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge – State Of Mind

Share A Little Bit Of Christmas Spirit

I’ve mentioned previously how hard it is for me to get into the Christmas groove ever since we’ve moved to Australia. This year feels slightly better for me although with our move (only house not continent) just ahead of us there are many other things on my mind. I think it’s thanks to making Christmas cookies and seeing the tree looking better and better.

Now I decided to create a little Blog Challenge and you can all help me and my husband getting into the Christmas groove. I’ll get to the rules in a sec.

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