#AtoZChallenge: R Like Ribbelf├╝ddli…

Funny word, isn’t it ­čÖé Bet you have no clue what it means… So let me explain it to you:

A Ribbelf├╝ddli is a Swiss German word (that is probably not know everywhere in Switzerland either as it might have been made up by someone in my area) that describes someone who has ants in their pants.

Image result for image ants in the pants

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Blast From The Past – Breaking Patterns

I thought I might share another one of my “older” posts with you. Just yesterday during dinner with friends we started talking about patterns and how we get stuck in them…

A couple of years ago I worked as a dance fitness instructor and loved my group of ladies. I loved and still love the program (Jazzercise). Do you already wonder what this has to do with breaking patterns?

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