Blast From The Past – Get A Real Job!

Now, honestly, haven’t we all been confronted by the thought or even the remark “get a real job for heaven’s sake”? I just overheard someone recently claiming that what someone’s wife did was not really a real job.

I was sitting there yet again, wondering what the definition of a real job is. I was wondering yet again what makes people talk about someone, about someone’s job in such a way. And once again I could not understand the issue. So rather then writing it all down again, I decided to share this post once more. I would love to hear what your thoughts are after you’ve read it. I wonder what you think a real job is.

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Worrying About The Future

WarmthIIDo you have moments like that? Moments you start worrying about the future? I do. Of course I do. We all do, right? Especially being a parent, having kids, a family. Life is different. You are no longer responsible for just only yourself and your well-being. There is so much more on stake. Now you have the responsibility for your kids as well.

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