Blast From The Past – All The Hate On Social Media

People are really interesting… and most of the time fun to deal with. But some of them turn into really nasty creatures, when they can hide behind a keyboard or feel they are indestructible. Like certain people who like to tweet stupid stuff… like fires destroying homes.

It’s hard to believe the judgment and lack of empathy that are displayed in comment on posts on social media. Not that we should take it all to heart but we do. Because we started living our lives on social media. And unfortunately what strangers think of us seems to matter to us. Probably more than ever. So some dish out while others sit on the receiving end. And while the ones dishing out probably have a bit of fun doing so and walk away not giving it another thought because it really doesn’t matter to them, the one that was on the other end will probably not be able to let it go that easily. Even though it was a totally random person making a remark.

A person,  you will most likely never met in real life. A person, who also most likely would never ever make the same remark straight into your face. A person, who’s opinion really doesn’t matter at all. And yet it’s the ones that stick. Like the grumpy ones complaining in a sea of happy customers. It will always be that one that will stick to you for the rest of the day.

So don’t let it! Don’t let them take over. Don’t let them stick to you. Don’t let their opinion count. Important are the people that are in your close circle. The ones that are important to you. Most important of all is you. What are your values. What is right for you. Go with that. And let the haters hate…

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