Permission To Be Human

This came at the right time as some members of my family have been a bit grumpy at certain times today. When I saw this quote it was one of the lightbulb moments. How often do we tell our kids off for being grumpy? At the same time we give permission to our mood swings, claiming that we’re only human. Well our children are as well… 🙂

Once A Homeschooler, Always A Homeschooler: No Bitter Feelings

For me, being a homeschooling parent having finished “normal” school it’s important and interesting to get feedback from people who’ve been “on the other side”. So when Jo made a comment on my blog about being homeschooled I immediately asked her if she would be willing to share her experience, her thoughts on my blog. I truly enjoyed reading Jo’s first guest post. A fantastic take on what teaching and learning is all about, if you’d ask me…

I’m very happy to welcome Jo, blogging at Jo Robin Blog, here as one of my guest bloggers and I can’t wait to read her series of guest posts. Please head over and check out her great blog where she shares her life as a college student and so much more…

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Blast From The Past – Outside Our Little Oyster

A friend of mine just posted on Facebook how much she misses traveling ever since quitting her job and moving back to the US mainland. I can totally get what she is talking about and it made me think about this post that I’ve written a couple of months ago.

While I was sitting in the back of our car on our road trip, able to let my mind wander, I felt so privileged. Privileged to be able to do a road trip with my family. Privileged to experience something new together with the people I love. Privileged for the family we are. I also felt privileged for being able to travel again. Privileged for knowing what traveling means, what it has in store for you.

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Shadowed… My kids must feel shadowed…

I watch them, although I don’t want them to feel watched. But it is what mothers do, what parents do. We try to watch over them without giving them the feeling of being watched, we follow them to make sure we will be there just in case.

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It’s Hard Work To Be Barbie

While I was preparing dinner last night, my daughter and I had one of our deep conversations about toys and life and things that just matter for her at the moment.

Suddenly, out of the blue, she looked at me and said: “Mom, it is actually pretty hard work to be Barbie, you know.”

I looked at her and asked her what she meant.

And then she explained it to me.

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Equal love for your kids?

There is one question bugging me for quite a while now: Can you love all your kids equally?

Although “made with the same ingredients” your little ones end up being totally different persons with most probably completely different personalities. And therefor it is not really surprising if I just put it out there and say: No, your love for your kids will not be the same for all of them!

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Under The Snow

I saw it coming! I saw the white cloud approaching me fast! I tried! I tried to get out! But I couldn’t!
Why? How could that happen? How could I possibly end up here? This run was meant to be safe! I did everything right! I did not ski off-piste! I did not ski on an unsafe slope! I did not take any risks! I checked the snow report… I would never take any risks! It is just too stupid!

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Homeschooling And The Life Out There

I was really looking forward to Mary’s first guest post on my blog. Homeschooling our kids means only seeing one side of the coin of course, as we are the parents who decided to home-school but have been to school ourselves. Mary, on the other side, used to be home-schooled. We had a short little conversation about it and she mentioned back then that she feels like homeschooling lets a child develop their inner self (Mary, I hope I understood it right!).

So I was excited to hear her side of the story, was eager to find out how she felt about being home-schooled. Hear more about it. Of course I was hoping for her to tell me, that it was the best ever and that she would not want it to be any other way.

Her post was different than what I hoped for. Not in a bad way. In a really good way actually as she mentioned something which was always so important to us: Although our kids are different, I don’t want them to feel different!

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