Who To Vote For?

I often said in my comments I’m glad I don’t have to vote. Of course I was always talking about the election in the USA. But suddenly I realized, that me too, I have to vote. And I have to do it this Saturday.

I’m an Australian citizen now and in Australia voting is compulsory. My dilemma is, that I have no clue which party I should vote for and who I want as our future Prime Minister. Not that it truly matters because if Australia is not happy with the Prime Minister, Australia just decides to swap the Prime Minister. Almost like underpants… But more about it here...

As I said, I’m truly undecided who to vote for. Therefor I thought it would be a good idea to use a link which should help you figure out which one of the parties suits your values the most (thanks to my husband for providing me with this link).

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