About Millennials

My dear friend blogging at My Self Evident Truths left a very interesting comment on one of my last posts and brought up an important point in regards to leadership and guidance:

I am in total agreement with you here. When I recognized how poor my attitude had become at my last job, when I had finally reached the point where I feared and hated and every other terrible emotion you can feel at the thought of going there, I knew it was time to quit as by that point I had given up the idea that any of my management and the majority of my customers would ever appreciate the additional time and effort I wanted to put in to really do my job right. So, in conclusion, I might also suggest that a poor attitude, especially as you have described with regard to customer service, can actually flow down from management, who only want the job done quickly and to meet just the bare minimal requirements, so they can meet quantitative goals imposed on them by their management. It can also flow from customers who do not accept or understand that there are certain quality and possibly even legal requirements you must meet in the process of doing your job. They just want what they want when they want it…

Her comment reminded me of so many discussions I had about work ethic, millennials, older generations and as already mentioned: Leadership. Most of all it reminded me of a fantastic clip I recently watch and I’d like to share with you now.

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