Blast From The Past – The People We Are Meant To Meet

Do you sometimes wonder why you meet certain people? Well, I do. I also do believe quite strongly in encounters being lessons for you to learn. I strongly believe that you don’t “just” meet someone. Everyone has something to teach you. You might not see it in the beginning but you will eventually. So every encounter, good or bad, will leave you with a lesson. It will leave you with a tool you need in order to grow…

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It’s most likely the perfect time of the year to come up with a photo challenge in regards to “path“. At the end of each year most of us probably think about the path they have chosen and if it was and still is the right one.

Not matter though which path we have chosen, no matter if it is the right one or seems to be the wrong one, it will always take us past good and bad things, easy parts and rough stretches. To be honest I believe that there is truly no wrong path. The path we “walk” on is the one we are supposed to be on. It’s the one that will teach us the lessons we need to learn, which will offer us the things we should receive. It’s up to us what we take away from each lesson on the way, how we deal with what is thrown in our way and what we receive.

So don’t treat your path as a burden even if it is a rough one. Treat it as a chance. A chance to grow, a chance to develop, a chance to learn.