Love It! Hate It!

Although I’ve not officially been invited to participate in this challenge I thought I take the open invite of A Prompt Reply as the perfect push in my butt to participate in this, for me, intriguing challenge. Intriguing because I struggle with the word ‘hate’, with the feeling hate. It’s so strong and final. And if you don’t mind I would rather use ‘dislike’ in this post. I feel that hate uses up so much energy. It destroys so much. It’s not worth to hate. I remember a time when I said to someone really close that I really hate a certain person. The moment I said it I realized, that I actually invested the same amount of strong feeling into hating this person as I do loving someone. And if you dislike someone or something to the point where you would use the word ‘hate’ then you don’t want to invest yourself to such a deep and strong point.

For me I will therefor slightly adjust the rules:

List 10 things you love
List 10 things you dislike
Pass the challenge on to 10 bloggers


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