Your Stories – My Angel! By Danny

A little while ago I read this beautiful love letter (what else could you possibly call it) on Dream Big, Dream Often. I couldn’t help but ask Danny if he would share his love story with me for ‘Couples’. Much to my delight he said yes and here, ladies and gentlemen, is the love story of one of my favorite bloggers out there and his beautiful wife.

I love a good love story, so if you have one to tell, please don’t be shy. Send it to me ( so I can share it with my readers on this blog. There are many beautiful stories you can have a look at already listed in ‘Couples’. Just head over and enjoy reading them. But now, let’s find out how Danny met his beautiful Evelina…

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Love Is In The Air

It’s not really spring over here just yet. And still there’s always a little bit of love in the air. Right?

Have you checked out my feature ‘Couples’ yet? Especially all the amazing stories shared already in ‘Your Stories’? If not, you should definitely head over there. That is if you like a good love story.

And maybe you have one to tell too?

If that is the case then do me a favor and email it to me ( So I can share it with my readers here. Of course I will link back to your blog. And if you don’t have a blog then don’t be shy! Share your story anyway…

Your Stories – Love Surrounded By VHS Tapes And Late Fees! By Holes In My Socks

Social Media has its good sides too as this story shows. When I had it in my inbox today and read it, it immediately made me smile a happy smile. Thank you so much, Holes In My Socks, for sharing this great love story.

It was the summer of ’97. I was a cocky spikey-haired teenager who found many ways to get in trouble..and it usually involved girls. I woke up after a long night of party-hopping. I checked my pager, two messages. I did not want to do anything that day, I was exhausted and preferred the gentle hum of my video game system to pass the time. I checked the message.

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Your Stories – Baseball Pants ⚾️

What a beautiful love story! Just the kind of story that is perfect for ‘Couples – Your Stories’! I commented on her post that this story shows, that some people are just meant for each other. The chances that people come together again after knowing each other when they were kids… It just makes me smile.


I was 10 & he was 13…

I was pig-tails & bib overalls, he was sandy blonde hair & baseball pants…

I was hanging on the monkey bars upside down, he was catching fly balls.

I was blowing bubble gum bubbles, he was worrying about his swing and winning the game.

I was the kid sister, he was the friend of my brother’s.

I was the freckle-face with strawberry red hair, he was ocean blue eyes & a killer smile.

Who knew that the bad boy from North View would one day be the love of my life?

We met during baseball season in the Spring of ’94. He was on my older brother’s baseball team & I was the kid sister hanging on the monkey bars upside down, showing the world my belly button. His smile melted my heart. He was sweet when it was just he and I…

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Love Story

Are you in love? Are you in a relationship with the perfect partner? The one and only? Share your story with me! I would love to read it. There is nothing better than a beautiful love story.

Go for it, write it down, email it to me ( and I will post it on my blog and link back to your blog. Check out all the beautiful stories that bloggers have already shared with me on this blog here. Or read my love story here.

I’m waiting 😉


Have you checked out my feature ‘Couples’ yet? If not, how about you head over there. Not only do I tell you how I met my husband but there are a few really beautiful love stories from my fellow bloggers about how they met Mr or Mrs Right. If you have a great love story to tell, it would be great if you could share it with us. It is easy. Just email me your story and I will put your post up on my blog and link it back to you of course. No restrictions in length. Just do it! We all love a beautiful story, right?