Rainbow Colors

Every time I log into my WordPress account the beautiful colors of the rainbow greet me. And it has a very interesting effect on me.

On one side I feel happy. Because, hey, you know, a rainbow is something really pretty and usually makes you feel happy. But then it also stands for homosexuality. And all the discussion that comes along with it. And that’s where the heavy feeling sets in.

Now you probably wonder why I would feel that way and let me set one thing straight: Some of my best friends are homosexuals and I believe that your sexual preference has nothing to do with your character or who you are as a person.

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Blue Pill Or Red Pill?

Don’t worry, this is not a hidden weird message to my fellow Swiss. What you see in this pic is a bread roll and what would basically be 5 cents.

There is a saying in Swiss German (be prepared, I will write it the way I think is right in Swiss German): De Füfer und sWeggli ha. It means to have both, the bread roll and the money you’d have to pay for it and it stands for something impossible. Not that 5 cents would buy you anything anymore… But that’s not what this post is about.

Having both, the 5 cents and the bread. It’s what The Editor’s Journal’s post made me think of. A situation where you really don’t want to decide.

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I used to work with my husband. Not only work with him but he was also my boss. Often people asked me how we could manage it. How we could manage to work together and be together.

I always thought it was a silly question. Why wouldn’t it work? What could possibly be the issue. When I asked those questions the answer usually was that it would be too much for them to spend all day together. That they would struggle to come home and already know how each others day was. They told me that they couldn’t handle the fact that work would be “brought home” and that there would be a risk about only talking about work at home or on your days off.

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Blast From The Past – Scary Marriage

I’m very happily married for 15 years now. I know compared to some of you this is nothing. And still, it’s more than other relationships had. Of course there are times we challenge each other. But that’s normal, I think. After all it’s all about growing. And sometimes, when you grow it feels like a tectonic plate rubbing on another. Pressure is on, pressure needs to be released. The trick is to do it in a way no damage is done.

For some reason marriage seems to be a scary thing for some. I always wondered why. Just overheard a conversation recently about marriage and the fear of tying the knot. I thought I share a Blast From The Past with you about what my thoughts are.

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Blast From The Past – Stuck In The Moment

Sometimes some things just take over your life and before you realize it another day has passed by and you really don’t know how you got from the morning to the evening, from Monday to Sunday again. You might even feel like a hamster in the wheel and exhaustion kicks in. No wonder that passion sometimes is lost somewhere between Monday and Sunday and hard to find again. How would you possibly be up for a passionate night with your spouse, even though you want to be close and are still madly in love? Exhaustion just takes over and sometimes all you want to do is get into that bed rest your head on the pillow, pull that blanket up and sleep… sleep… sleep…

I bet I’m not the only parent facing moments like this… or am I? I think when you reach the point where life is no longer only about you but suddenly mainly about your family you need to put a little bit more effort into keeping the passion alive. Here’s a post I wrote a couple of months ago. Maybe it makes you want to dance too 😉

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Your Stories – Sometimes Things Just Don’t Work! By Element

I recently had a little conversation with Sharon from Element about my ‘Couples’ feature and if it would be alright to write a story about a not so successful relationship as well. As much as I love to read happy endings I think it’s part of this life and why not showcase the other side as well and also how a not so happy ending is handled.

I think, Sharon’s text is just beautiful. It shows that no matter what you go through you can find a way out of it and you can actually gain from it, become stronger. I decided to not only put this post up as a guest post but purposely link it to ‘Couples’. Life is not always bright and pink and easy. But there’s always something good we can take out of a situation if we are willing to see it.

While reading I couldn’t stop thinking of the Phoenix raising from the ashes and when I found this image where it is combined with the figure of a woman, I knew that I’d found the matching image for this post.

Thank you again, Sharon, for sharing this with me here! I have heaps of respect for you.

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Your Stories – How We Met

It starts with a party… and then it leads you to the perfect relationship. What a wonderful love story and congrats for having found each other.

Ziddi Tamana

A year ago today, September 26th, 2010, my ex-roommate and cousin, Manu got married to Nit. I was her unofficial maid-of-honor and D was Nit’s unofficial best-man. I say unofficial because neither one of us were officially appointed this position in the wedding and somehow just inherited it by the tasks we preformed. Part of my unofficial duty was to drive Manu to the temple as was D’s to get Nit there. On the way I was supposed to pick up flowers and D was supposed to pick up mitai (Indian sweets). I didn’t have proper directions to get to the temple, so I asked Manu to get them from Nit. He didn’t have proper directions either and ended up passing the phone to D and Manu gave me the phone at our end. It was the first time I talked to D but there was no formality, no shyness…

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Your Stories – Goin’ to the Chapel of Love…

Another beautiful love story! Congrats to your anniversary! I hope there will be many more years to come for the two of you 🙂

Light & life

Off and on all summer he tried:

“Hey Julie,” he yelled, as I was hopping onto my bike, “Would you like to go to the Monet exhibit at the art museum today?  My friend has extra passes.”

“No thanks, I’m going to ride my bike today.” (I was always riding my bike back then.)

“My friend likes to ride bikes…”  His voice trailed off as I rode away.

A week or so went by:

“Hey Julie,” he yelled, as my daughter and I walked out our front door, “Would you like to go to the final day of the U.S. Open?  My friend has invited us to his corporation’s hospitality tent.”

Thanks, but I’m going to church tomorrow.

“My friend likes church,” he said as we smiled, waved and headed to the store.

On it went until one day I finally said, “Why don’t you invite him to something sometime.”

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