Horses, Hats, Dresses And A Dormant City

It’s that time of the year again when, on a normal Tuesday, everything is closes, schools are off and you realize: It’s a public holiday! Some people were actually lucky enough to have had off yesterday too. I guess it’s not a normal Tuesday, being a public holiday, and still it kind of is.

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When Horses Stop A City

phar lap

Phar Lap

It is one of those things I find rather amazing living here. And this thing is called “Cup Day”. It is a horse race. Or better, it is THE horse race! It’s part of what is called the Spring Carnival. What is pretty amazing (at least for me) is, that this race, this “Cup Day” takes place on a Tuesday. And you know what? Everything is closed. Basically nobody works! The schools are off, some of them were off already yesterday. As much as I like horses, I find it rather strange that one race brings the entire city to a halt. Continue reading