Your Stories – Mr Perfect And Mr Right! By Becky

Finally! Another beautiful love story for my feature ‘Couples‘! Isn’t it amazing how people just find together? Thank you so much Becky, from Restart Urgently Needed, for sharing your story with me here. Please head over and check out her blog and her inspiring story of which you’ll catch glimpses here. I believe we all can learn from her experience.

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Migrants? How About a Rethink?

I’ve seen this picture before and every single time I see it, I feel pain in my heart. It’s the horror for every parent to realize that your family, your children, are in danger. All you want for them is to be safe. And that’s what you will try to do. You will always try to keep them safe. No matter what it takes…

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To those who attack ‘migrants’ online. Please take a few moments out of your day to really look at this photograph. And rethink.

syrian family feeling the war

Here is a father fleeing the war in Syria, crying whilst cradling his children.

Should he stop searching for a place of safety for his young family and take the children back into the war-zone?

What do you think he should do? What would you do in his situation?


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