Keeping A Promise

Last night my daughter had a nightmare. She came to our room, pretty upset and as I usually do in situations like this, I let her crawl under my blanket and hug me. As you do, I cuddled with her and held her, kissing her and telling her that Momma is here. That Momma will always be there and will always protect her. After a deep breath she fell asleep but for me that was it. I couldn’t fall asleep anymore. I wondered what if I could not keep that promise?

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Dear Children

This is a post I wrote about a year ago for Mother’s Day as a guest blogger for The Champa Tree, an amazing blog about parenting that you should definitely check out. I came across it while re-organizing the categories of my blog. I thought as it is still so close to Mother’s Day it would be a good moment to share it again.

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Blast From The Past – The Birth Of A Mom

Today is all about moms. We celebrate our Moms and we get celebrated as moms. If we would have coffee together, hopefully sitting inside and being cozy, I would tell you about something I overheard today. I would tell you that I overheard a conversation that made me think. I heard a child ask his friend if he would also celebrate Mother’s Day. The answer to the why that followed this question was actually sort of simple, coming from a little boy: “Well, you are not staying with your Mom, you are staying with your Step-Mom today.”

Unfortunately I didn’t hear the answer. I would have loved to hear it and still wonder what it would have been. This question really got to me and in many ways almost made me sad.

If we would sit here together, having coffee (or tea or a hot chocolate) together, I would tell you that it makes me sad that a child might think a step-mom is worth less than the birth-mom. If we would have coffee together, I would tell you that I think a step-mom can be as amazing as a real mom. I even think that the bond can be as strong, maybe even stronger than with the “real” mom, depending on the circumstances. I would add that it also made me sad to think a child needs to answer a question like this. Somehow I think that this question was also slightly triggered by some comments the parents of the other boy might have made. Don’t you think so too?

Anyway… what happened this morning made me think of a post I wrote towards the end of last year and which I would love to share again today as a Blast From The Past with all of you. So in the spirit of Mother’s Day: As long as we behave like a mom, look after the children and love them from the bottom of our hearts, no matter if they kids are ours or our partner’s, we deserve to be celebrated.

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Happy Mother’s Day

I hope you will get spoiled by gifts coming from the heart, breakfast in bed, lunch, dinner, thousands of compliments, hugs and kisses.

I hope that you feel special, not only today but on every given day. This is the day to celebrate what we do, what and who we are. So celebrate it. Reflect on it and give yourself the pat on the shoulder you deserve!

Not sure what you guys are up to today but I hope you will get to sleep in and then get treated like a queen (so what are you actually up to?). It’s early morning here, the sky is grey, breakfast is ready and we will be off to the soccer game in a little while. I will share this morning with other fantastic moms, watching our girls play a game and most probably be washed out by rain and blown away by the wind. But that’s what moms do (and dads too…) and as much as we would like to stay home, tucked in into our cozy blankets and fed a 5-star breakfast in bed, nothing really beats standing in the rain and watching your daughters have fun…

Happy Mother’s Day!