12 Years In The Making


Not that Australia was showing its nicest face over the last couple of days. There was rain and hail and wind. Nevertheless there is one statement I can make: I love it here! I love Australia, its beaches, its rain forests, its mountains, its desserts and plains, the heat and cold, wind and sun. And I love the variety of people that made Australia their home.

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So Far…

I had the privilege to watch Pink live yesterday and it was amazing. I will not bore you with a post about how inspiring I find her. I will not tell you how happy I am that my daughter was there with me and hopefully got the message she was spreading. I will not mention how much my son liked the show and the music and how impressed he was about her performance. And I will not let you know that I almost feel like having a crush on her…

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Blast From The Past – Farewell

As you all know today is Father’s Day on your side of the world. Today would also have been my Dad’s birthday. A day he will never celebrate again. I feel emotional. 

It also seems to be the time of the year people move. In general a time to let go I guess. Maybe time to become aware of the fact that sometimes we have to accept the fact that we need to let go, that we have to say our goodbyes. Some are final goodbyes with no chances of ever get together again. Some are a bit less drastic but still tough.

Just about a year ago we had to say goodbye to lovely friends of ours who moved back to their home country. Today we will have to do the same to people who were among the first friends we’ve met here in Australia, hence the Blast From The Past.

It feels weird.

On one side we can tell how much they look forward to going back to the country their originally from, which makes us happy too. On the other side it also hurts seeing them go. From now on it won’t be easy to catch up anymore. We have not seen them for a while and somehow you always think that you can catch up at one point anyway. And then things change, people move. Although it will never be the same again, there will always be a connection. A connection that we all will keep in our heart.

I would have loved to say goodbye in person. Unfortunately it’s one of the days where things don’t go according to plan. Not much you can do when one of your kids suddenly gets sick… So I sit here while my husband went to the farewell party and think back to last year. 

I can’t believe that it’s already a year actually. Somehow I still think we can simply call and schedule a catch up. Maybe because we are still in touch, still care for each other. The door that kind of closes will always remain slightly open, if you let it…

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