Drifting Apart

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The following post was written over a year ago for another expat blog. My feelings in this regard have not changed although we’ve been back earlier this year to the “motherland”. It actually only got stronger. I don’t belong there anymore. There’s nothing that pulls me back. Of course I would love to have my friends around, catch up with them. Other than that, there is truly nothing in me that misses living in Switzerland.

I find it interesting. I would have never imagined that the “split up” would be so final. I could have never imagined that I would not miss living in Switzerland. But the cord is cut and it’s such a good feeling.

The interesting thing is that even with your friends, things are no longer the same. You are not spending time together anymore. You don’t go through the same things, you don’t read the same newspapers, you don’t watch the same shows and you don’t share the same issues of a country any longer. Everyone moves on. Just like after splitting up in a relationship.

You remain friends because it’s what you are. You hang on to what once connected you. Sometimes I wonder if it’s still there or if you just hang on to how it once was… If it’s only memories shared that still connect you and your friends. Although you keep in touch you will not be able to make new memories anymore. Not in the way you used to, not with the people you used to make them.

Here is what I wrote in February 2015:

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