Blast From The Past – Feeling Numb

“The killer of Melbourne schoolgirl Masa Vukotic had an extensive history of violence against women and, the ABC understands, was out on bail at the time of the attack.”

This is how an article I’ve read yesterday started. And it makes me not only numb but also sick. When you continue reading it gets even worse and you start wondering what the justice system is really about… I’ve written a post about this a couple of months ago but reading this text stirs so many things in me yet again. How can it be? How can it be that criminals like him walk among us, like a ticking time bomb ready to do damage whenever they please to do?

The women he has previously raped or assaulted and Masa Vukotic will not have a second chance to a normal life. They will not have the chance for a plea hearing or for there sentence to be cut short. Masa Vukotic for sure doesn’t. Her family is grieving the loss of this young girl. And why? Because a sick pervert was left walking free although he should have been detained or supervised. Again I think that this is a life lost that could have been protected if the system would have done the right thing. And again I hope that lessons will be learned and things will be done differently in the future. Who knows…

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