And The Winner Is

And the winner of the Nature Chills Challenge #3 is… of course all of you! I loved all of your entries for this blogging challenge about nature. After the other bloggers have voted we do have two posts in shared first place:

The Watercourse – Pensitivity101 and
Be Still – The Beespeak

Congratulation to both of you!

Thank you all very much for participating. I hope I will come up with another challenge soon. I think that was it for the Nature Chills Challenge. Three rounds is more than enough.

Happy Weekend to you all 🙂

Challenges to Getting Outdoors Daily – Nature Chills Challenge #3

What a great challenge! How about taking it? And yes, how about telling about your adventures in a post, tagging it with ‘Nature Chills Challenge3’ and linking it to my blog?

Pocket Mouse Publishing

Is getting out into nature daily a challenge?

Or do you need a challenge to get out daily into nature?

Getting out into Nature a challenge? {}Tomorrow is May 1.  Nothing like a new month to take on a new challenge.  And MAYbe this is your month.  May is spring in the northern hemisphere and autumn in the southern hemisphere — not too hot, not too cold, just right for getting outside and getting a daily dose of nature time!

But…maybe you’re feeling too busy.  Or maybe you’ve had a nature walk go wrong.  Or maybe you can’t seem to remember a single benefit to time outdoors when the kids beg for just 30 more minutes in Minecraft. Or is that only at my house?

Getting outside, every day, can be a challenge — so here are 3 challenges to get you there:

1. Starting May 1, the David Suzuki Foundation has a 30×30 challenge

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Be Still – Nature Chills Challenge #3

What a wonderful post about the beauty of nature…

the beespeak

Be Still Be Still

Rest beneath the branches
of the weeping willow
and settle into nature

Let stress float away
like ripples in the water
or a cloud in the sky

Be still
and find comfort
in the certainty of God

(Posted as entry to A Momma’s View Nature Chills Challenge 3. I look forward to viewing all the other posts!)

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Philippines, my Philippines – Nature Chills Challenge #3

Definitely I place to chill 🙂


I have just arrived from my holiday in the Philippines. I spent two weeks visiting my mother, going to different islands, eating Filipino food that I have missed and seeing some friends and relatives. I had fun! I love the nature in the Philippines, the 7,100 islands we have, the warm climate, the sunrise, sunset, birds singing, flowers and plants, mountains and other natural resources. Here are some photos – hope you like them!


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Exposed To Nature – Nature Chills Challenge #3

Great post for the Nature Chills Challenge #3. Thanks so much for participating 🙂

Random Syra

Hey Humans!

Since I was a baby my parents have already exposed me to the nature. They both met in a group of ‘nature lovers’, where they would go hiking, camping, and other fun stuff. So I naturally grew within the nature. I’m very lucky because I got to go on wild trips. I’ve been on a road trip across Queensland – Victoria (Australia) and also Java – Bali (Indonesia), a few times we would stay at a camp site or a caravan park. I recently got my diving license too, the underwater is amazing!

Where ever I go, the nature never disappoints me. The view, the smell, the noise, the feel, the taste, all the senses I could think of always makes me feel happy and calm. Sometimes I get the chills, or I could have been cold… But when I see the highest peek of the nature I always get this rush feeling, my…

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