Blast From The Past – Imagine Peace!

Some might call it a pipe dream. I call it… well… maybe a pipe dream but also hope, imagination, not giving up. I think sometimes it’s important to imagine how it could be. Imagine how this world would be without war, without terrorism, without aggression and hate. Here a little blast from my blogging past…

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The Lion King Is Dead, The Manhunt Has Started

You all know how much I appreciate nature. How much I would love to be able to personally protect every creature on this planet. You might have an idea after I shared this post about how much I dislike massacres like the ones that happen on a regular base in the Faroe Islands and in Taji. I could scream of pain and anger when I hear that whaling is still going on. I don’t understand it. I hate it and I want it to stop. It has to stop.

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Five Black Belts In the House

It was a busy week so far. We have three friends visiting from overseas and two of them will compete this weekend at an international Taekwondo competition. During the last couple of days I’ve learned a lot. Not only through the communication and exchange with three wonderful individuals but also by watching the dynamic of two great athletes and what they have to do in order to fit the profile.

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Does It Bring You Happiness?

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Yes, me too… I will write about it too. And simply because I really have to say something about it, as so many of you did too. It’s not just because there is no way to escape posts (check one of them out here, please), articles or discussions on TV about Caitlyn Jenner. It’s all over the news and the gossip media. I’ve read a few but for sure not all of them. Her journey was always of interest to me, not because of all the crap the Kardashians do on TV.

I have a friend who is transgender. And her journey was far from easy.

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Corruption And Sports

When we think corruption we think politics. But corruption in sports is probably as big as it is in politics. Sports is nothing else than politics. There are still so many thoughts going through my mind after the recent arrests in Switzerland of highly ranked FIFA members. Again sports and corruption were mentioned in one sentence in the news. Nothing new though…

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FIFA In Trouble! So?

As a big sports fan and Swiss I follow what happens in Switzerland at the moment re FIFA. Now this will be a very short post as I just have a couple of questions:

Who is really surprised?

Do you really think it’s just FIFA?

How about the IOC?

Let’s face it: certain people want certain events in their country. Those people have money. A lot of money will eventually buy everything. I guess we’ve seen it re Olymic “Winter” Games in Sotchi. A football World Cup in Katar? Only money can buy that one. 

I guess that’s how it works…