Something I Never Thought Would Happen

“Growing up, I wasn’t the richest but I had a rich family in spirit and support. Standing here with 19 Championships is something that I never thought would happen. I went on the courts with just a ball and a racket and a hope… And that’s all I had.” – Serena Williams

Serena Williams Speech

Worrying About The Future

WarmthIIDo you have moments like that? Moments you start worrying about the future? I do. Of course I do. We all do, right? Especially being a parent, having kids, a family. Life is different. You are no longer responsible for just only yourself and your well-being. There is so much more on stake. Now you have the responsibility for your kids as well.

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Dolphins – Did You Know…

… That Dolphins usually live in groups of 20 to 100 animals? They look after each other and will often support an injured companion on the surfaces.

(Now, I need to warn you, that this is totally different to my usual posts…)

I guess this is also the reason why they become victims of such brutal events like Taiji… something we need to stop. They are mammals like us, they feel, they grief, they communicate! They are smart and beautiful. And they are another creature worth protecting! So help ending slaughters like this. They are unnecessary and brutal! I don’t understand how people can do something like this. This clip makes me sick and sad and angry. Things need to change! The world needs to stand up for a creature that can not stand up for itself! The slaughter of whales and dolphins has to stop! And it needs to start now, before it is too late…

#Davosproblems: The financial crisis isn‘t over, and the inequality crisis is just beginning

I find it always so interesting that an event like this can be held in such a small place like Davos without any problems. And it is also always interesting to see, how much comes out of it. I hope they will get to the ground of some of the world’s big problems again and hopefully will be able to make a huge step forward, rather than just spending a nice time in a nice town and enjoying the snow. This always “hits home” for me, as I am all too familiar with what is going on there right now.