Once upon a time, a long time back these two were the most important part of my life. Things change and my life now evolves around my children. Nostalgia it is.

I still think back to the many beautiful moments these wonderful horses provided me with. One of them still makes a friend happy and the other is hopefully enjoying her gallops in the clouds


Can you call it getting nostalgic when you suddenly feel like listening to some German music all the way down here in Australia? Maybe…

Felt the urge to share this song with you. Some of you might know Nena. Actually I was surprised to hear her music down here one day in a bar. This is one of my favorite songs from her. I hope you enjoy 😉

For the ones of you who don’t understand German I thought I could translate the lyrics…

Let me be your pirate
On all seven seas
We sail all the way to the horizon
Accompanied only by the moon

Let me be your pilot
In cloudless skies
Longingly I call your name
We put all funds in

I do crazy things for you
I lay the world at your feet
And pluck the star from the sky for you
To kiss you one single time

Let me be your pirate
Through streets with no end
We go all the way to the horizon
Accompanied only by the moon