Open Minded

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Throw the word open minded at me and I will start talking. Or writing in this case. Funny enough I just got called out by a friend of mine following a FB comment I made about traveling to India.

It was a comment following the news that India’s tourism minister has warned female tourists to not wear skirts “for their own safety” while visiting India. My reaction to it was short: Why would you want to travel to India, supporting an attitude like that?

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Blast From The Past – The Thing With Keeping An Open Mind…

I wrote the following post a few months ago. The person back then really got to me. Today I had a very different experience which still makes me smile. To be honest it all comes down to how open minded a person is. I hope you enjoy this blast from the past and it makes you think about keeping an open mind because I believe it’s a very special gift and the thing with it is…

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The Thing With Keeping An Open Mind…

… Is, that it’s not for everyone apparently. Homeschooling is a big part of our lives and so far we never regretted the decision to teach our kids ourselves. As I’ve mentioned before there are the occasional conversations that push your limits and just recently I had another one. It took me by surprise, especially the intensity that lady had.

Most of the time, when other people get a bit out of line the conversation will still stay calm and it’s only a matter of explaining your reasons to a certain point and after that it’s kind of a “I accept your way and you accept my way” end to it.

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