Just My Way Of Seeing It

There are those moments when I sit there, unsure what to write about. But I do want to write something. I feel that urge to let my fingers run over the keyboard and hear that clicking sound. Now I could just do, what my little girl sometimes does and just start my post with “hwljsahdfljksdhfljahsdf”. I wonder what you guys would do… I wonder what comments I would get on that post. What I do know, though, is that it wouldn’t make me happy. And it’s the same with posts that really don’t reflect my thoughts, my point of view.

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For many years “Coach” and I have been good friends and we both had our ups and downs… weight-wise. Throughout our journey there was one thing which never changed: Our support for each other and the motivation that came with it. At some point over these years I started calling him ‘Coach’ because he always did, what a coach is supposed to do. He motivated me and he inspired me and I knew he meant what he said because he was there too. He actually had bigger ups and bigger downs weight-wise than I. He always knew what he was talking about.

We now want to share our experience with you and hope that you will find some kind of inspiration and maybe even share your thoughts, struggles or successes with us here. – Momma & Coach

runnerI felt like my morning run was going well. I was running at a good pace, breathing calmly, the headwind wasn’t bothering me. I had run for about 10km, I knew I was going to run another 8 and I was feeling pretty good. That’s when I noticed this younger guy running right by me about 5 or so meters over.

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