I had to take several shots until I felt the Triumph over only getting the splash! And the group of kids were happy because they managed to do a 360… (Shush… It was only a 180, but don’t tell them, they already celebrated!)



I have so many pictures of landscape and I decided to ‘recycle’ an old one and combine it with one from today. The first one is the one I took today.

landscape landscape2

In response to Photo 101 – Landscape

Moment & Motion

A rather tricky challenge… I will try to get some new pictures later when I have figured out how to adjust (and to which point) the shutter and speed… Thought I post those pics for now…

Movement movement2 movement3In response to Photo101 – Moment & Motion


Life in itself is a mystery. There are so many things to discover and to understand. And as much as I like to understand them, I don’t really want to. I am glad there are still mysteries out there, that there is still something out there we don’t understand…

mystery1Just took the above picture on a little walk. I love this bit of the track. It always makes me feel as if I enter a fairy world…


Fog makes everything look mysterious. This picture was taken around mid day, still it looks like it is getting dark. And for me it sure looks mysterious…

WarmthII-9I wonder where this big ship is going… I took this picture yesterday when I headed out to take more pics for ‘Warmth’. The ship looks a little bit like a ghost ship 😉

mystery2The shipwreck is totally dark because of the way the light was that day. I also focused the camera of my iPhone to the water in the front… Mysterious? I think so…

In response to Photo101 – Mystery & Lighting Effects

Chasing Warmth

I just had to head out tonight and take some pictures. It was such a beautiful evening. I want to capture ‘Warmth’ again. And while I was out there, trying to get the perfect shot, I had that song playing in my head. I could not shake it.

So here are some pics and here is the song.