I have so many pictures of landscape and I decided to ‘recycle’ an old one and combine it with one from today. The first one is the one I took today.

landscape landscape2

In response to Photo 101 – Landscape

Moment & Motion

A rather tricky challenge… I will try to get some new pictures later when I have figured out how to adjust (and to which point) the shutter and speed… Thought I post those pics for now…

Movement movement2 movement3In response to Photo101 – Moment & Motion


Life in itself is a mystery. There are so many things to discover and to understand. And as much as I like to understand them, I don’t really want to. I am glad there are still mysteries out there, that there is still something out there we don’t understand…

mystery1Just took the above picture on a little walk. I love this bit of the track. It always makes me feel as if I enter a fairy world…


Fog makes everything look mysterious. This picture was taken around mid day, still it looks like it is getting dark. And for me it sure looks mysterious…

WarmthII-9I wonder where this big ship is going… I took this picture yesterday when I headed out to take more pics for ‘Warmth’. The ship looks a little bit like a ghost ship 😉

mystery2The shipwreck is totally dark because of the way the light was that day. I also focused the camera of my iPhone to the water in the front… Mysterious? I think so…

In response to Photo101 – Mystery & Lighting Effects

Chasing Warmth

I just had to head out tonight and take some pictures. It was such a beautiful evening. I want to capture ‘Warmth’ again. And while I was out there, trying to get the perfect shot, I had that song playing in my head. I could not shake it.

So here are some pics and here is the song.



When I hear the word ‘warmth’ there is one thing coming to my mind: Sunset. It’s the first word I think of. And then it’s all the giggles from my children, their hugs and cuddles. It’s looking into their eyes and seeing their love for me, for the world. It’s the sand on the beach, the sparkling on the ocean. The sun on my skin. It’s a candle and a campfire or a fireplace. It’s the color orange, red, yellow.
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