A Momma’s View On The Election

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I will not make this too long. I know that the options are most probably not the greatest. But I sure hope America will choose wisely. Choose wisely in regards to tolerance, acceptance, peace, role models, respect and safety.

All I can think about now is that if this goes wrong, the world will have to deal with one big bully. All I can think of is that if this goes wrong everything we teach our children goes out the window because very obviously all those values were ignored in the election. Imagine the impact it will have on our future generations! Bullying is what you want to do, treating women like meat will be the normal way, hate, intolerance, racism and chauvinism will be the things to achieve and live by.

Kindness will go out the window. And what about freedom? Yes, what about it? Do you really think a “leader” like this would let you live freely? Look at what he stands for. Then look at history and think hard. Don’t you think we saw this before? Don’t you think there were people following a guy like this before because they thought he is the one strong leader, simply because he built on their fear? And where did it lead? Back then it was about a religion. Back then it was not a wall but camps.

For the first time in my life I feel truly anxious. And I hope America has voted wisely…

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Easter And Political Correctness

I try to stay away from posts about politics or religion. It’s a hot iron and I’m totally aware of it. Today I read something that made me think. And it has a lot to do with so called political correctness and religion: A principal bans the word “Easter” form the schools annual Easter hat parade. The reason: He wanted to make the event more inclusive.

Now first of all: How can you possibly have an Easter parade without the word Easter in it? It’s turning into a simple parade! But this just as a side note…

Here are my thoughts, and please get me right: It’s only an opinion. I’m not telling you what you have to think or do. I’m simply sharing my thoughts on this subject and I think I’ve never been that open about it so far…

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Guest Post – Politics and Spaceflight: Get Out of My Way!

Emma is one of my regular guest bloggers. I feel really thrilled about the possibility to post one educating post of this great blogger once a month over the next couple of months. Thank you so much, Emma, for sharing these great posts with us! If you would like to check out the previous guest posts, this amazing blogger wrote for me, head over here.


NASA was established by a president of the United States—Dwight D. Eisenhower in 1958. NASA has long been pushed along by both George W. Bush and the current president of the United States, Barrack Obama. And John F. Kennedy was one of the most famous presidential advocates for the space race, back in 1961. Because NASA is a publicly funded program that thrives on both public and government support, it has to continually adjust its goals to match public opinion and presidential aims.

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Strayya, You’ve Done It Again

I’m not big in politics. Actually I keep myself away from political discussions as much as possible. In fact, I was really happy that over the last couple of years living in this beautiful country I did not have to vote. But that changed the moment we became citizens. As Australian Citizen you have to vote. And I mean HAVE TO. It’s actually a good thing, you know, as they give you the chance to decide on who you want to run this country. Kind of.

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Corruption And Sports

When we think corruption we think politics. But corruption in sports is probably as big as it is in politics. Sports is nothing else than politics. There are still so many thoughts going through my mind after the recent arrests in Switzerland of highly ranked FIFA members. Again sports and corruption were mentioned in one sentence in the news. Nothing new though…

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#Davosproblems: The financial crisis isn‘t over, and the inequality crisis is just beginning

I find it always so interesting that an event like this can be held in such a small place like Davos without any problems. And it is also always interesting to see, how much comes out of it. I hope they will get to the ground of some of the world’s big problems again and hopefully will be able to make a huge step forward, rather than just spending a nice time in a nice town and enjoying the snow. This always “hits home” for me, as I am all too familiar with what is going on there right now.