Just Learn It Finally

There are many things kids need to learn. Have to learn. As parents we need to support our children in that process and help them wherever we can. Sometimes we need to be strict, sometimes we can be a bit slack. What it needs though is a clear line, even if we make exceptions from time to time.

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Blast From The Past – The Pressure Is On

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Let’s be honest: Being a parent is one of the hardest, most challenging but also most beautiful things ever. You thought you feel the pressure in a job environment? Try being a parent! It never stops. It’s a 24/7 thing. You are constantly in demand, constantly responsible, constantly in the driver seat. Yes or no?

Your worries, your issues, your child’s needs will change over time. What will stay the same is the responsibility you have taken on the moment you decided to become a parent. Your responsibility to shape your child, to guide it, to teach it, to love it, to care for it, to put it in its place. Everything. YOUR responsibility. Nobody else’s.

There is simply no escape if you want to do it right. Don’t you think so? And that does eventually make you feel the pressure, especially when you are a first time mom.

Don’t get me wrong please. This might sound a bit negative but it’s not of course. It’s just an honest look at what every parent will go through at one point or another. It’s simply dealing with a new situation. And which situation isn’t new when it comes to parenting?

The kids constantly evolve. We are constantly challenged with new things and sometimes it might get to us. Just like in a job too. Not matter how much we love that job and how good we are doing it. I hope you enjoy my reflection from a couple of months ago, which I share here as a Blast Of The Past…

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Today I felt rushed. To the point where it almost felt like stress. I recently mentioned to a fellow blogger that sometimes out of the blue a massive wave seems to appear that feels like it’s going to crush you and everything around you. Today I felt like standing in front of that wave.

I’m not really sure why it hit me that hard today. Probably because we are running around like crazy trying to get sorted in regards to finding a new home. Christmas is just around the corner and all I want is get in the spirit and decorate the house but not knowing exactly if we move before the Holidays or not doesn’t make it easy.

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Blast From The Past – Let Go Of Expectations

Having witnesses a lot of mommy wars in certain comments on certain mommy blogs I not only started thinking about what actually triggers it but also about the expectations we have in ourselves and in other parents. How does a negative feedback on a thought we share affect us? How does a feedback influence what we expect others to do, to say, maybe to think and definitely to communicate? And how do expectations we have in ourselves and in others influence the feedback we give?

There’s a lot of pressure out there. Pressure that gets put on our shoulders and weights us down and pressure we actually put on ourselves. Why do we do it and how can we deal with it?

In my early stage of blogging I wrote a post about expectations and what they do to me. Maybe I would phrase it slightly differently today but I still feel the same. It’s time to shake them off or at least take control over them.

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